Posted by: mrrx | September 26, 2006

Slow book quests

Tezcatlipocca : 40% XP.   Finally finished up the Feerrott book quest.    It wouldn’t have been difficult except for requiring edge gliders (manta ray monsters in the water by the docks), and of all things, brush constrictors – the rarest mobs in Feerrott.     Also managed to finish off Lizardman lore & legend which was a huge relief; there was not much to do while I waited for additional brush constricters to spawn, so I killed lizards and harvested.  Did gather a healthy basketfull of harvested items while doing all this.     

Next, off to Sinking Sands and completed another round of Eye of Anuk writs.     For the next round, I think I will work the sandscrawler goblins; and then pick up some of the group writs.     That way I’m maximizing the quest count, even if I can’t complete the group writs for a while yet.    I’m sure I’ll need to do that before hitting sixty.

Bought more items from the broker and finished up three additional collection quests.     For a wonder, two barbarian bone fragments were also for sale for reasonable prices – 14 and 18 gold.     Snapped those up in a hurry, and now I still need that $#^&*$# cracked barbarian bone fragment.       Looks like I was wrong, naming the Striped Red Ant the hardest collectable to acquire.

Finally, helped out a guildy with some mob in the Bonemire, and got a quick tour of various areas in Kingdom of Sky.      Discovery experience, mostly, pushed me far up on XP which was nice.      Headed out to the Enchanted Lands and got started searching for bones for the Lost Legend of Lavastorm quest.    The bones are apparently deep within some cave system, and the only caves I can think of are on the north beach side of EL.     I never imagined the caves going so deep as to reach the point on the map I need to get to though.    I hope I get into the right caves.      Either way, that had to wait because I logged off to go back to work.

Quester #56, now with 996 quests.    Will be grinding another stupid Rivervale book next too.    Slow times.



  1. Heh I feel your pain about book quests… I reciently bought every book quest I could from the sage in Qeynos.. then betrayed.. and bought all I could from the sage in Freeport……. the pain is worth it *grins*

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