Posted by: mrrx | September 22, 2006

Fun with lizards

Tezcatlipocca : 11% XP.     The XP is just flowing right now 🙂 .    

Finished up most of the Cazic-Thule quests I had outstanding – clay golems eventually went down, though each one was not exactly easy.     Lizardmen went down in large numbers to finish off any quest requiring them, though the thulians inside the temple are too tough and I left them for another day.     Remaining L&L items are two drops and the lizard spirit.

The thought of killing 30 glare lords was too much, so I left that for another day, along with some of the more difficult quests.    Out into the Feerrott, and did a lot of harvesting as I traveled to the Western Jungle, seeking out marsh damselflies for a book quest.     It got late before I got them all and I logged off.

But, I have moved up on the questers board – # 56 with 988 quests.



  1. Congrats on #56… I’m still trying to do the grind to 70 here with the coercer just so I can be more helpful on raids… 67 so far.. gawd.. it’s slow.. I missed out on so much content.. time to go back to them I think! 😀

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