Posted by: mrrx | September 20, 2006

Inching along

Tezcatlipocca : 3% XP.     Have done a few things in the past several days.     Ran through Commonlands, Nektulos, Thundering Steppes, and Feerrott as part of the Lost Legend of Lavastorm quest.      And since I was right there, I entered Cazic Thule again to see if being level 59 greyed out the mobs for me.

For the most part, it did.     Reached the Lizard L&L book and a few other quest starters deep inside Cazic.     Then went back to the top of the temple and commenced killing to further quests.    Managed to comlete one more quest (Glare Lords in Cazic Thule) which was enough to push me to #58 on the leaderboard for questers.    My favorite, though, is the Tae Ew Defenders who update no less than four quests with each kill.      For the moment, trying to kill noxious oozes and need another five of these heroic slow-kills.

Curses on having so much work that it interferes with gaming.    Argh !



  1. LOL I feel your pain about the noxious masses, they’re VERY SLOW kills even for my coercer at 64.. I was actually complaining to a friend of mine (needed 15 for a quest) that I would probably be there all day just killing the dang things.

  2. Did mine while doing Screaming Mace. We had a good group doing it and we were just killing everything up there, dragging crowds of lizards, golems, clays and whatever else we could find to one of the named spawn spots and just being cruel to them.

    Finished almost all of my CT quests, still have to finish Sanctum of Fear.

    I really like Cazic-Thule. It does a great job of updating a beloved zone from old EQ1. The old Temple of CT was such a grand and glorious place for people from their late twenties to mid-thirties – great loot, lots of nameds, fantastic OOC conversations…

    That was one of the good things (maybe the only good thing) about the Grind. As you got higher and higher in level, the game brought you closer and closer to those of your level. Night after night you’d find the same people in the same places; you’d welcome new people who just leveled into range and grats higher leveled people who were finally moving on. EQ1 had it. WoW had it, in places like the Barrens and Stranglethorn Vale. But EQ2 really doesn’t. It is such a huge game that people might be anywhere. Community is on the leveled channels which is separate from any real place.

    I do miss that about EQ1. Not even EQ1 has it any more, with all the higher-end zones being instances.

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