Posted by: mrrx | September 12, 2006

Gods & Questing

Here’s some good new information about Gods & Heroes – they plan to have a very robust quest system.

I had the impression they were not serious about doing quests in this game, and I’m pleased to see that I’m wrong.     Imagine starting out with a stupid letter delivery, and deciding you were’nt going to bother with it and grinding mobs.       Except the other guy, who did do the quest, discovered it turned into a quest to find an epic minion.    

Further, after the inevitable Ogaming writeup, you find the quest has disappeared from the game and is replaced with a new quest.     Dynamic quest content, in the sense that things are not static and just sitting there forever, waiting to be done.     Player driven, in that the player’s actions within the game will affect the quests one is able to receive – perhaps driven by your choice of god, and/or by the actions that all players take. 

From the writeup it appears they are going to take all the things that make quests fun in EQ2 and build them in.     I’m pleased and looking forward to this one, and also hoping it comes out earlier than June 2007.


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