Posted by: mrrx | September 12, 2006

Camping and harvesting

Tezcatlipocca : Ah, camping mobs.      The fun.    The fascination.     The complete and utter boredom.

Flaming Globules, required to complete the Lost Legend of Lavastorm quest, only spawn in one place that I could find, and then only in a pair.    Approximately a 12 minute respawn on them.       And tonight was my night to take these bastards down; they were there when I logged in, and the task wasn’t going to get any easier.

I killed these things for perhaps three hours before I finally got my update and was ready to progress the quest.    At 12 minutes a cycle, that’s 30 mobs.     Sheesh, the RNG was not kind to me tonight.

Spent a lot of time harvesting while waiting, because there simply was nothing else to do.     This was a huge harvesting project – I’ve never had so many stacks of 50 items in my boxes before.      Just outside the Temple of Solusek Ro is a large field with flare assassins and others, and many harvestables.     I became expert at running along the wall grabbing all the harvestables, and getting back just before the mobs respawned for another try.

Afterward dealt with banking and selling.      Soft metal harvests still sell for 2c, though pelts are selling for 50c or perhaps more.     Foodstuffs sell very well, and hard metals and roots are the best sellers.

Decided I was sick and tired of working quests for the night, so headed up to Tenebrous Tangle; if I can reach level 59 it might make the work of completing those Cazic-Thule and Lavastorm quests easier.      I mean, if the mobs can’t even hit you, you can just press autoattack to finish off the quest.     Didn’t adventure long before sleep claimed me and I logged out.


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