Posted by: mrrx | September 11, 2006

Exploring Lavastorm & Cazic Thule

Tezcatlipocca : 48% XP.   Finished off quests requiring glacial constructs, and took down more tundra terrors.      While traversing the spider tunnel, some person who didn’t respond to any tells continually killed off the spiders and kept leaving chests behind with quest items.      And hooray, she left a chest with the one quest item that I had accidentally deleted.

Went after arctic monitors for a time.     I had previously killed twenty for this quest, but having accidentally deleted the quest item, I couldn’t progress the quest.     Like a genius, I unfortunately deleted the quest as well.     So, time to kill twenty of them again.      Got quite a ways through that task before I got bored and decided to work quests in another zone – like Cazic Thule.

Off to the outside of Cazic I went, expecting to camp Agony for the rest of the evening, and get started on the Screaming Mace.      Instead, I walk up and see two guys getting their 45th level asses handed to them by Agony and friends.     After their deaths, I get invited into their group and figure we can all get the journal that starts the quest by doing the kill-and-run-repop method of monster fighting.

Well, my groupmates were having a bad night.     They got aggroed again, and both died, while I killed off Agony for them.      Ran the groupmates off and started waiting for the repop.   And thankfully, I won the lotto for the drop and started the quest.     Thankfully, because another group came around.       When you’re dieing over and over instead of being around, it’s hard to keep a camp, and this one was no exception – the other group nitwits killed Agony and his friends.       We broke up, and at least I got mine.    Hope they got their journal the next night.

Deep into Cazic Thule I went, turning in items for one quest completion, and looking for others.     Got one of the lizards needed for Screaming Mace, and one of the lost idols of Modinthule, before I got completely confused.      All the spoilers are talking about “inside” of Cazic Thule.     But try as I might I couldn’t get inside of this temple.

Eventually, it occurred to me to go back to the fordable river towards the entrance, and there is a little doorway you can use to enter the inside.      Can’t believe I missed it for so long.     Got all my Modinthule idols except the last, which is apparently deep inside and which I couldn’t get to, due to green mobs starting to show up.    Collected no less than eight more quests, but I’m going to wait on working this stuff.     Would really like to finish off the idols first, but couldn’t.     Would also like to start Lizardman Lore & Legend, but couldn’t reach the book.

So given that I was stuck – I went to another zone, Lavastorm, and managed to almost complete exploration of the zone (since it’s now very grey).     Lost Legends quest is almost ready for a new step, having collected most of the rare rocks needed to turn in to the goblin Buglegreeder.     The remaining rock is received after killing Flaming Globules; these things only spawn as two, right outside the temple of Solusek Ro, and despite racking up a dozen kills the quest update still eludes me.

I worked quite a bit on harvesting over the weekend.    My bags are almost full, and I expect to be able to sell all the stuff once again given the new state of harvested items value.     Not quite yet though – first order of business is to finish off the Globules when I log in next.     And then I need to find that Efreeti.

Unfortunately, despite bold statements during guild meetings, things are the same in Sway as they have been for months.      One added complication is our guild leader telling everyone she’s going to Vanguard.      Maybe I just need to give up and move to another guild.

Quests = 973, position 60.    I’m getting passed.



  1. Sorry to hear about the guild troubles, it’s a shame you can’t move off of bazaar! I think we’d have fun questing together *grins*

    Sounds like you’re having a lot of good luck though with the quests at least! I’m still trying to get some room in my quest book before I can snag more.. it’s so tempting though to fill it right back up!

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