Posted by: mrrx | September 7, 2006

Where are you, my 48 ^^^ ?

Tezcatlipocca : 30% XP.    Short session tonight.    Began in Maj Dul by killing guards, and finishing off another Tears Grifter quest.

Today Update #27 went in, which included an experience tweak for blue and green con mobs, and I definitely saw the difference.      I love this change – it’s possible Tez will reach 70 now, before the end of the year or perhaps even sooner.     If you’ve never done it, you have no idea how frustrating grinding a level on green cons is.

After turning in several coins to the Blades captain, I found myself finally at max faction, and received the Hero of the People quest.     Now this quest requires you to kill a Coin, and Truth, captain.     These captains are at the top of towers guarded by tons of ^^^ ‘s, so likely require a full group to accomplish.    As this is not happening anytime soon, and definitely not tonight, I traveled off to Everfrost.

Finally found the Spirit of Frozen Cannibalism (or whatever his correct name is) – he’s in a spur tunnel of the Giant tunnel, guarded by two ^^’s.     Everything in the tunnel is now grey so it was no problem to reach him.      And then he asks me to kill four wussy solo Kromise; no problem.    Killed numbfoots for another spirit.     Have one more spirit to satisfy before I can finish the Menagerie access quest, although my task to do so escapes me.

I need tundra terrors and frozen tempests still.    The level 48 versions spawn only right outside the spider cave; deeper in are level 49 versions.     Now soloing the 49’s results in me being left with a sliver of health and mana, while the 48’s merely bring me down below 20% each.     The former is insane to try, the latter merely scary, as I can always use emergency wards if I’m in trouble.         There are maybe 2 terrors and 3 tempests up at any time, and I managed to get through two cycles of spawns before frustration and sleep required me to log off.

Quests = 967.     Clearing my journal would get me to 1000.



  1. Hey stranger hehe after some tracking and old email searching i found your old blog site and then had the new blog site linked to it. How are you? It has been so long since wehave heard from you. Drop me a line I still use the one..

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