Posted by: mrrx | September 6, 2006

From Snow to Desert

Tezcatlipocca : Began again going after quests in earnest.    Now that he’s level 58 I figured he can solo his way through more of these green quests he’s collected in many zones.     Decided to start out in Everfrost.

And as he’s traveling there, I realize the old access quest is still undone, so I hopped aboard the ship and crossed the Fanged Sea.      Sheesh, what a pain in the neck this quest was.

At the correct level this had to be difficult.     You run back and forth along the ship and keep these ice defrosting machines running – it’s a real annoying pain.      It’s expected that a bunch of mobs are trying to kill you while doing it which would make it much harder, except they were all greyed out to me.

But the greying out introduced unexpected problems.    The mobs that board the ship are ice frights (skeletons) and Galebreakers (valkyries).     You have to kill some of the Galebreakers to advance the quest – the ones that show up on the bow and the stern of the ship.       If they aggroed you, sure, you’d obviously just kill them, but when grey it didn’t occur to me to do so, especially since my reading encouraged me to concentrate solely on the machines.

So some of the monsters boarded.     And I ran back and forth.     Then more boarded, and more, and more, and I worked on keeping the ice defrosters working.       After 15 minutes of this I realized something was wrong, but by then the graphical lag was unbelievable.      I had probably 100 mobs standing on the ship, and I didn’t want to do the whole stupid thing again.     But the combat was taking over a second to update; it was like looking at a very fast slideshow instead of animation.

I did get lucky.     I got the mobs I attacked turned so I was facing away from the main mass of them, and managed to get some of them killed.       And after you kill the right Galebreakers, the ship’s captain changes form into a drakota and attacks you.     Once he’s dead, the quest updates and you can zone into Everfrost.

I worked a few quests in Everfrost, didn’t complete any though.    I fought barely-green heroics, tundra terrors and frozen tempests, and managed to beat them each time.      I used some of the nice charged items you receive doing the Tenebrous Tangle quests; bandages that heal, and defense additives.     

God, what a change from prior levels; to actually KILL a green heroic !       I swear, each one is such a sweet victory compared to the constant level-till-they’re-grey method I was using.

And then my guildy came on and had managed to get her Blades faction up high enough to enter the dueling arena with me.     What an easy fight with two – we smashed the creatures easily, with her mentoring down to 58.      And this is with the power duo of Mystic and Templar, both very heavy damage-dealing classes as you all know.

Completed a few more faction quests together.      Struck out on killing the three named Orcs in the Clefts.     There is a certain wizard hanging out there every night, killing at least one of them over and over, and declining invites.     Bah.      I need to go after that somehow but I’m not sure how to do it.

Logged out inside Maj Dul.   Quester # 57 with 964 quests.


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