Posted by: mrrx | September 5, 2006

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Tezcatlipocca : Ding 58, 10% XP.      Did some more of the repeatable quests in Tenebrous Tangle – and managed to get up to 98.5% XP.    Started thinking about what zone I wanted to level up in.

Yes, I amuse myself in many ways, one of them being looking at this list and seeing where I leveled up at.    The Caves was very amusing too, but this time I selected Invasion Of The Vale, a level 19ish zone to ding 58 at.     Pretty cool I think.

After that, went to the broker and bought some stuff.     I got lucky this time, and got several more bones at decent prices while also completing four collection quests.     Three of the quests were for bones, and on one I got an excellent harvest in the Tangle – Pristine Droag Scale, for sale for several plat on the broker.    Yeah !

Next it was time for Sway of Honor to have a guild meeting, and I got volunteered to look after the website a bit more.     Made some adjustments, and thank goodness, but we’re changing things around and will hopefully be a more active guild soon.    The meeting took forever.

Finally, worked with a guildy on doing Maj Dul faction and ended up logging out soon after.       It takes a while to get from starting to good faction on Blades, even if you buy tons of coins; and for her to help me with my quests, she has to have good faction.    The training arena is simply impossible, ever, for me to complete solo so I’m trying to get help, and I find out that others cannot zone in unless they “Meet the entrance requirements”, which means hopefully faction, and perhaps having the quest themselves as well.



  1. haha it’s nice to see that I am not the only one who checks out those lists to see where I’ve leveled in the past. 🙂 Congradulations on the new level!

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