Posted by: mrrx | September 3, 2006

Chasing 58

Tezcatlipocca : 75% XP.    Finished up the basket quests by doing each one until they were unrepeatable.    Walked up and down the stream and started gathering flying fish, and eventually could put it off no longer; I made the jump to the Hidden Refuge.     I died, naturally, because I wasn’t smart enough to turn off Water Spirit <doh!>.

Second jump was much more successful, and I gathered a group of quests down there including scaleborn kill quests.     And got into a group, finally, which was working on a quest I didn’t have, but that wasn’t important, it was good to be in a group!     Finished off what was clearly the easiest of the Hidden Refuge quests and got another one.     My helpful groupmates – all three were avid questers – got me the two lore & legend books for the Overrealm, drakota and droag.     I was insanely fortunate to get all three spirit updates, on separate kills no less, while we killed about 20 drakota near a temple.

I hung with them while they worked (I believe) Burglars Afoot, and they repaid the favor by helping me kill Gynok Moltar to finish up Bone Bladed Claymore, and entering the Living Tombs.     Nice zone, but too bad it got very late and I had to log off.

Two good things happened – obviously, I’m close to 58 and my goal to power my way solo through outstanding quests.   Also, I now know a group of dedicated questers who can also help me with various things.

Ometochtli : Ding 6.     You may recall this guy as an ogre shadowknight, on his way to becoming a paladin.  He’s officially made it off the island, and is on his way to level 15.     As far as I can tell, it will be very difficult to do the betrayal before you reach 15 so that’s his goal.

Tlaloc : Ding 45 provisioner.      Now making some very strange drink including a blowfish, loam, and browncap mushrooms.    Hmmm.



  1. That blasted waterfall has gotten the best of me more times then I can shake a stick at. I swear it’s a priest thing. 😉

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