Posted by: mrrx | September 1, 2006

Tasty Tenebrous Tangle Baskets

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 57, 20% XP.      After sleeping on it, and having a day to kind of digest the experience, I realized I just needed to get the Bone Bladed Claymore killing out of the way for my own sanity.     That, and if I worked grey mobs in the Graveyard I would also be working towards the Slayer of Undead title.      So to begin this session, I did just that and entered the Graveyard.

It took awhile – perhaps an hour and a half.      But the mobs were plentiful and respawned quickly.     I stayed away from the lowbie players when they appeared, and gleefully stole mobs from the AFK-killing necromancer; he was standing in a spot where he could only aggro one mob and letting his bat kill it over and over – until I came along and killed it first for him.     

I got a rhythm going after awhile.     I’d find the center point of whatever group of creatures I was dealing with, and stand there.      Hit things with one of my three damage spells, and any groups got slapped with my AE spell.      They’d run and attack if they didn’t die outright, and Nashville my dog would kill them off.     Grab anything that drops on the bodies and move on.    Eventually, I slew about 500 creatures to get my total of 1000 killed.       By the end of the night, I’m unfortunately still 100 undead shy of the Slayer title.

And after finishing this up, it was time to head for Tenebrous Tangle again.    Turns out that the easy mobs in the beginning have quests associated with them.     After gathering some frogs for the froglok, I was able to get four different kill quests (aka Tasty Baskets) involving the four types of creatures in the entrance area – wasps, serpents, flies, and plants called bloodblooms.     

So I got to work, killing them and restarting the quests over and over and over.     The experience is nice and it’s not particularly dangerous.    The bugs don’t give me a ton of interrupts, like the Pillars of Flame mobs do, and this makes them doable and much less dangerous.     There’s apparently a limit as to how many times you can repeat each quest; I’m done with the wasps but the other three are still open.

So far, the Tenebrous Tangle is a nice and beautiful zone, but strangely it is filled with people running past me on whatever errands they are dealing with, and anonymous individuals fighting in my area.    Try as I might, I didn’t get a group to work the baskets until a monk and I duoed for half an hour just before I logged out.     Everyone was anonymous, and I don’t bug anonymous players if I can help it.      It’s strange, to see so many people and yet be unable to get into a group.      I haven’t seen this many people in a zone since I adventured in Antonica 2-3 months after release.

Once I hit 57 I dealt again with selling and things.    Picked up two additional book quests which <sarcasm> I just can’t wait to do! </sarcasm>     I also got a surprise – checked harvestable prices on the broker again, and lo and behold many food items are now selling for nice prices again.    Time to gather the bushes one more time, either for Tlaloc or for sale.     

My one bag was finally completely filled with the status turn in items.    I decided I didn’t want to just sell them on the broker, so I grabbed the bag and turned them in.    Getting closer now, to the guild leader’s amount of status contributed, but I doubt I’ll ever pass her.     Over 1 million points for myself is cool too.     Afterwards, bought my spells, then did some more killing before logging off.

958 quests puts me in position # 59.

Tlaloc : 80% Provisioner XP.     Got a bit bored with Tez and worked on making food for awhile.    Making progress clearing out his bags so he can adventure again, but he’s by no means finished just yet.


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