Posted by: mrrx | August 30, 2006

Short session

Tezcatlipocca : 29% XP.    Started off the night in Rivervale, with a guildy who helped me finish By Hook or By Crook.    None of them stood a chance facing a level 70 templar.   The weapon is pretty nice and I switched to it, and I might manage to do my AA’s around a staff instead.      I think I’ll do more damage, and given that Tez’s INT score is a mere 32 he needs some boost to that attribute.

Also progressed the Teaching of Yoru quest – killed the monk in Rivervale, then met Odan the Tranquil in Enchanted Lands.     Due to a couple of good kicks and the quick death of my dog, he managed to kill me.     I wanted to do it again, carefully placing my back to the nearby tree, but he didn’t spawn again after waiting for a half hour.    Tired of harvesting and killing Eyes, I gave up and figured on doing it in another session.

Went to Sinking Sands and fought Sul Dal skeletons, which to my disappointment don’t count towards BBC.     Finished off two writs and gave up and left, then did another writ by the Rujarkian Highway.      Tried killing desert lunatics in search of the quest starter for Ancient Desert Power heritage but instead, I got killed so decided to put that off for the time being.

150 of 1000 dead.   943 quests.


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