Posted by: mrrx | August 30, 2006

Grinding ZZZzzzz

Tezcatlipocca : 65% XP.     With a day off I managed to get quite a bit done.     I wandered around Sinking Sands and Clefts of Rujark for quite some time, killing every little thing I could get near enough to, especially if it counted for BBC.     By the end of the night I find myself halfway there – 500 down and 500 to go.

But oh, the mind numbing boring nature of grinding levels is getting on my nerves.    I need the XP and the mobs, so I don’t want to find another place to level up – say, which doesn’t have sentient mobs.     But neither do I just want to head to the Graveyard and destroy scads of easy zombies to finish BBC either.     And crawling through the Clefts is very boring, just as various camp spots in Sinking Sands put me to sleep.

Got in with a group who were working on Teachings of Yoru, and we finished it.     Oodan fell fairly easily to a 50ish group, just as Cythan was no big deal to us.      Guild finished several HQ’s today which is moving us closer & closer to 24.      Had two other duos where we ground on the orcs for awhile, and that helped quite a bit with the boredom factor.     If you finish it quicker, it doesn’t get as boring now does it ?

Despite grabbing each desert lunatic/madman/whatever that I saw, I still didn’t get whatever is the starter item for Ancient Desert Power. 

 And one other thing – made my first trip to Tenebrous Tangle.     There are easy mobs right there at the entrance, despite being yellow and white they were very killable by me solo.      So my plan being, kill another 500 and finish Bone Bladed Claymore, then grind in Tenebrous Tangle up to 58.     Or do quests there – I need a froglok in the area but paid no more attention than that.

Now at 946 quests, still #62.


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