Posted by: mrrx | August 29, 2006

Die Green Heroics !

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 56, 22% XP.    Very quickly got my 56 based on a few guard kills in Maj Dul and a quest turnin; did some spell purchases, and then headed immediately out to Runnyeye.     It turns out that you are no longer exiled from Qeynos while doing the Bone Bladed Claymore, so I immediately reforged the sword and got ready to kill everything.     Didn’t feel like going on a grey rampage so I headed off for other quests.

Went first to Everfrost, and completed a few things.    Found out that snow leapords, even though just barely pink, were definitely soloable.     And so I thought, why not try ?    Everyone claims they can kill green heroics; I just upgraded my spells; the pink/grey ones were no problem.

In a nail biter fight, I killed it!    Successfully took out another one with slightly different tactics !     And killed maybe a dozen snow leapords before the fun dropped out of it.     Finally, I’m one of *those* people, who kill group mobs by themselves.    Hell, I’ll even try a Numbfoot who’s only a bare level above the leopards.    Can’t be that hard right ?

After using both special wards and getting a lucky mana regen heroic opp, I defeated it with a tiny sliver of health left.     OK, definitely not trying that again.

Tried hanging around for awhile and killing icy shiver skeletons, but the heroics kept getting in the way.     Still need to find Cannibal Cave for the Menagerie access quest.    Now, the strange thing is, nothing about this is mentioned in the Ogaming writeup of the quest; and I couldn’t find a post about it in the official forums.     Phooey.     Nor can I find it by wandering around.     Otherwise, got killed several times but finished some quests up.

Next, off to the Feerrott to finish up some more stuff, and find a new mosquito-killing quest.     Cythan the FBSS holder had me fight some easy monks, and sent me off to find and kill some harder ones.      The mobs for the mark of the adumbrate never seem to show up in the temple, which is annoying.   Probably never manage to do that one, and that’s a shame.     

Also went through Lavastorm, and progressed the Lost Legend quest to killing several heroics, which I wasn’t really ready for, and unsuccessfully tried to get a goblin killing group.      Tower of the Drafling stood ready for complete exploration, including two trips to almost the same place to make Rukir happy.     But Rukir’s mobs in Rivervale were too tough for me solo so decided to wait for more levels or help.

And with that, I logged off after getting more Sinking Sands writs.   100 of the 1000 sentients dead; 938 quests and position 62.

Note : post to be updated as more discovered.     For Bone Bladed Claymore the following mobs, that *should* count, do not count as sentients :

  • Kromise hermit
  • Kromise lookout
  • Glyphskull skeleton
  • Sul Dal Bladefury
  • Sul Dal Infiltrator
  • Sul Dal Foci
  • Sul Dal Friar
  • Crypt Mummy


  1. Congradulations on taking out the green heroics! I can take out whites on my warden, but with the necro I’m at the lowest of the greens in order to make it out alive hehe. Sounds like you had a successful evening of questing. 🙂

  2. Heh – BBC – I’m just working on the 1000 mobs now too 🙂
    Wanted to see if I could do it start to finish in one day, but that’s too many mobs – think I stopped for the day at 92 killed.

    I had a good day too though – Silverstep helped me in Cauldron Hollow so I finished off Ghoulbane and then Greater Lightstone (did do that all in one day) 🙂

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