Posted by: mrrx | August 26, 2006

Mr. Scott, I need those warp engines!

Tezcatlipocca : Began the session ready to finish Secrets of Runnyeye, requiring me to go to a particular door.       So I headed into the Chamber of Rulgax, made my way to the big bad boss monster Rulgax himself, wasted him, and got ported out by my friend from earlier in the quest Duke Zoryll.     And, that should complete the quest, right ?

Wrong.     I realized something was wrong pretty quickly, but thought I should run through the whole thing just in case.     And I was doing the wrong thing all right.     A more careful reading of the clue revealed I just needed to GET CLOSE to the door to the throne room, which is on the north end of Runnyeye, not the south.     Quest dings and completes, and I was off to the Obelisk.

What a trippy zone.     I feel like I’m playing Doom again inside the Obelisk of Lost Souls.     The corridors are straight out of any space shooter, with nightbloods (devils) and evil eyes (cacodemons) floating about.     The doors, of course, open up and down like in a space ship, and my brain fills in the Star Trek shhhhoookkkkk sound as each one opens up.

That said, I thought it was well designed and fun.     Worked many quests and ended up with a lot of debt.     Summoning the Creator was difficult with five nameds to kill, and all at the border of what a 55 mystic can take on, and resulted in several deaths.    After my first death, I ended up locked outside of the obelisk and had to camp my way through the access quest.

To access the “front door”, ie get inside the obelisk from a canyon like area, you have to kill four named shadowmen who spawn at specific places outside.     Got help taking out the first named, Zej; then killed off a lot of placeholders, and many wandering nightbloods, but got no quest updates or anything.     Then in rapid succession, I got the final three shadowmen and I was ready to return inside.

Twice I tried running away from mobs, and barely succeeded once (the Creator) by running out of the obelisk and pressing my nose against the wall by the revive point – the farthest place that I could get away.      The second time – fighting the instruments of torture – I was not able to get away and stood and died.    I thought there had to be a way to survive and kept trying till I fell down dead.      Warp engines, I didn’t have.

Having completed all quests, except for the Creator who was simply going to kill me, I gated back to Qeynos and did the easy parts for two heritage quests which I had skipped to this point.     Teachings of Yoru requires you to gather firewood, bake a fish, get some ale, and kill some highwaymen before the meat of the thing starts inside the Feerrott.    Bone Bladed Claymore requires two not-difficult-at-10+ levels-above named mobs before you create the claymore, and get temporarily exiled from society, which I certainly wasn’t ready for.

And then I dealt with selling.     Had collected a lot of junk, and managed to fill my boxes leaving many things for another day.     Priced the salesman’s crates and laughed.    Yeah – I’m going to pay one plat for a CRATE to SELL ITEMS.     To say nothing of 3 plat from some sellers.    Maybe Huey will actually get some playtime here and make some of these things.     When I was done laughing, I logged for the day.     925 quests completed.



  1. Are comments working ?

  2. They should be working. 🙂

    Obelisk is one of my favorite zones, though it would be more so if half of the book quests were not currently broken due to the revamp =/ That zone has some amazing lore.

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