Posted by: mrrx | August 24, 2006

The Elusive Duke Zoryll

Tezcatlipocca : 21% XP.     Killed off my last savage lamias to complete another Rivervale book.     I’m finished – for the moment – with this zone, except for the other Jorbo & Mappy book which requires the nearly-impossible corrupted tailors.      Don’t feel like camping them at the present time.

Instead, knocked off the corrupted miners in the Enchanted Lands, then took a look around Everfrost.     Finished off two or three easy quests there, before getting stymied.     Not everything there is greyed out, and Eye for Power for example requires me to defeat a ring event.     Maybe later, I decided, and headed back to Runnyeye.

Took on two difficult items – Runnyeye Chef, and Duke Zoryll.    The Chef wasn’t that hard, after I cleared the room he immediately spawned.    Tough fight, but he took a dirt nap eventually.

Duke Zoryll, however, is the NPC from hell.     This jerk is not marked on any maps, and apparently I’m the only one who had problems finding him.    I walked the length of Runnyeye looking for him.    I killed evil eyes in an attempt to spawn him, and cleared several rooms.    No dice.     No help via the internet.      I was getting to the point of total frustration really quick.

Ultimately my wanderings through the zone included one other dead-end chamber, and there he was.    At last.     Spoke to him, killed the Shattered Iron Thing, and headed to the Chamber to finish the quest when I logged out.

915 quests put me at position #69.    I got passed by someone.



  1. […] had grabbed the book on or about August 24th.    I remember it clearly.     I was killing the two solo nightbloods in Rivervale over and […]

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