Posted by: mrrx | August 20, 2006

Book Learning

Tezcatlipocca : 15% XP.     Headed immediately to Rivervale, and finished up many books which had updates inside.     Blightrat avengers were no big deal; but had to kill many Vale Nymphs who had to be spawned.     That took a long time.    Vale Maidens, while difficult, were killable and spent quite a bit of time passing them out.     And ultimately I had one more book to finish and got tired of the scenery in Rivervale.

Tried to work L&L quests, as well as all others outstanding in Rivervale, and managed to get  my Treant Eye as a drop.    Bought the Branch to complete the quest.     The nightbloods, though, are too difficult still and I decided to come back for them in another level, or perhaps three.     The Overlord, the nasty epic x2, is still green to me so that’s an indication things won’t be easy.

Entered Runnyeye and finished up several quests, but also managed to get a whole bunch of additional ones, including killing a ton of evil eyes (which, I needed to do anyway) and over 200 goblins.     The only real challenge here was finding mobs to kill due to the 4 groups and a duo also adventuring in the area.

Guild drama too, in that a guildie was behaving strangely, and asking for plat from fellow guildies.     When I tried to explain it was rude to do so, he responded that we must not believe he will pay it back, and he left the guild.    Too bad – I don’t think he was trying to rip people off, but you do have to have some decorum in the way the guild is conducted.

Will return in three days – more vacationing awaits.    I lead such a tough life.



  1. Enjoy the vacation (again). 🙂

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