Posted by: mrrx | August 15, 2006

Writ Wrangler

Tezcatlipocca : 76% XP.     Have basically been doing nothing but writs.      Writ writ writ.     Kill a sandscrawler (grunt, mender, magus, thief), pick up doodads around the Tears, kill skeletons (Sul Dal, many types) or pick up orbs in the Eye, kill dervishes and grab those sexy dervish chicks by their racks.

Also finished off the Spear of the Sentries quest – really easy.      You had to run back and forth between various locations only, with one fun diversion.      Ever walked across Mangled Horses Bridge in the Commonlands?     It’s now crawling with beetles.     One step required you to walk the length of the bridge and not step on a beetle as you did so.    I was very careful but all the same had to try 5 times before I pulled it off.

Two catalog quests (which gave excellent experience) and a few other quests rounded out the quest experience.     Now, though, I really want to get to level 55.      Think I’ll hang around inside the Eye of Anuk and work a few things –

  • Writs.      You can get at least two writs at a time that can be worked here.
  • Elementals.     Sea Splashes are elementals, I still need my L&L spirit.
  • Skeletons & Zombies are undead for that Slayer title.

Quester #70, and after I get to 55 hope to complete another dozen or so older ones for some real movement.      Just under 30,000 guild points contributed too.



  1. There are actually 4 writs you can do in the caves in the eye of anuk– two for mobs and two for those collectable things on the ground. 🙂 It’s where I grinded my writs since they all used the same locations.

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