Posted by: mrrx | August 11, 2006

Carpet Speed, Mr. Sulu !

Tezcatlipocca : 35% XP.      Logged in and immediately headed to the Commonlands intending to pick up three quests.      And Sony did fix it (Yay !) as promised – Inquisitor Irizian and V’Tal Narins quests are completable, as now you can find the dead brother of V’Tal.

Headed next to the Graveyard and got the new Spear quest; but the spoilers indicated a specific loc for the first step, finding a tombstone, and no quest update was there.      Have to keep looking or wait for a better spoiler.

But I gave up and got into a group, and I absolutely had to go – take a look at why :


Yes, Tez is finally the proud owner of a carpet and finisher of Carpet Quest #4, where you are required to kill the Djinn.       These people assembled a raid force to finish this thing off, I’m glad they let me come into the whole thing.

The fight was kind of strange; the djinn is apparently one-group-locked and nobody can assist the group on the attack.     So our first group got wiped, a second group went after him, locked the encounter again, then killed him and got the update.     Then we figured out what had happened and how to defeat him.

So our first group spawned him again, and got killed.      Now, we have a free non-locked djinn standing there, so we re-aggroed and all the people piled in on him.     Probably should have just had one person suicide but oh well.

Next the whole confusing array of people went after the djinn – group one (me), group two, and some level 70 people there just to help us finish off the quest.       And he went down; mostly I just healed and warded, though I was pleasantly surprised when my Scream debuff hit him and stuck.       A quick visit to El Khalazi and I have my carpet.

The carpet is nicest for escaping a fight.     It moves faster than the mobs so I can get away easily if jumped.     Movement is faster, and nice, but hardly noticeable over jboots and SOW.      At least now I can feel better about getting a new pair of boots.

Next I set out to finish off writs.     Cleared the Sandscrawler Magus writ, and got a nice surprise while doing so –


Had a master for some class I’m not playing.      (Like you can call me a player of my other characters).

Finished off two gathering writs, then ventured into the Eye of Anuk for Sul Dal skeletons for another writ.     Thanks to comments I realized this area was safe for someone of my level.

Not safe, though, for someone of my skill level.    I fell twice and died before I could get down in one piece.      Was pleasantly surprised to find access in from the Bay so when I return I’ll go by sea.     In any event, picked up my 20 Bladefuries and finished the writ.

Tried to get to the entrance to the Silent City, but the mobs were too high level for me to crawl through and kill.      Once they got to being yellow and no arrows I chickened out and intend to return in another two levels.     Aliyyah will have to wait.

Made one more check after doing all this, and surprise surprise the civilized Lizard Kerakata is there.      He needed me to kill some skeletal cobras which I did, then asked me to find evidence that Waddah had been to the Tears.      Find it ?    I’ve been tripping over it for weeks now, and wondering what the hell quest these items were for.

Gathered most of the stuff in short order – scroll, pad, book, bucket, maybe some other things – but the calligraphy set eluded me.      I’ve seen it many times before but not this time.     Sleep overcame me and I logged for the night.

One other noteworthy item – I found a cracked barbarian bone for sale for 35g and went ahead and bought it.      Still need one more for the barbarian bone collection, but need several of the other bones as well anyway.

Quester #74; also, Sway of Honor is now 99.95% of the way to level 24.     Even after turning in all my writs we were just short.      Maybe tomorrow I can get us the ding – that would be cool.


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