Posted by: mrrx | August 10, 2006

Steady Progress

Tezcatlipocca : 25% XP or so.     Immediately after logging in I find myself in a group to finish off Carpet Quest #3, by killing a tough mob inside of Maj Dul with an unpronounceable name – Kwi’the Il’zhe.

We had a templar and myself, so healing wasn’t much of a problem, but our tank goes linkdead immediately after the fight begins, and the berserker couldn’t hold aggro.     Nevertheless, we almost got him.      After the tank rejoins, our 2nd attempt was successful.      Tentative plans made to finish off Quest #4, which is a Epic x2 mob, tonight.

Afterwards I headed out to the Twin Tears and collected some junk for writs, but mostly I worked my final faction quest from Mahir in Sinking Sands.     He wanted me to rescue a captured merchant inside of one of the tears.     The first time I got him, I tried to lead him off the island but he aggroed a heroic group of blue lizards, and I let him die.     Wasn’t going to get myself killed too.

A 2nd attempt worked though, hugged walls and turned of Spirit of Wolf, and walked incredibly slow, to get him out of the Tear area and up onto the top of a sand dune.      This guy uses /follow but he seems to have weird pathing requiring me to really keep an eye on him.      Made it home without killing him, although I had some tough moments passing by a group of scorpions.

No more quests can be received from Mahir now.      He tells me to go into Maj Dul and talk to the people inside the Blades court.     Yes!    I guess I can finally get in there and will have to try to do so soon.

After finishing off a surprise quest received from the guy next to El Khazali (Mr. Carpet) , started work on the Final Note quest for Peacock.      Had to get a camel out to a camel herder, by harvesting a sea item called ebbnuts.     These were really tough to get as the water is absolutely packed with aggro baddies, and despite all being solo and very green, there were so many that I had a hard time resting long enough to stay alive.     Managed it, then went off and visited the camel.

Now I’ve got a camel following me, for a short distance, and I managed to do it the first time and get him safely to the camel herder.      It was tough – many dune spiderlings wander around the route, but killing three of them and hugging a wall got me through.     Afterwards, it was back to the Twin Tears to find Kerakta the civilized Lizardman.

No matter where I wandered, I didn’t find this little punk.    He should be in the area of the oases, but I couldn’t find him.     Wandered back and forth, collecting as I went, and when I got sick of it and tired I logged off.

Is it just the Bazaar, or are the Sandscrawler Goblins camped 24/7 ?     I have a quest requiring the death of 20 Sandscrawler Magi, and everytime I wander near the area some people are there killing them.     It gets really ridiculous, waiting over a week for a spot to be empty, just to finish a writ.      Got another one or two tonight but at this rate I’ll finish the writ in September.    Sheesh.

I am now quester #77 on the Bazaar.     I love it.



  1. As far as the sandcrawlers go.. it is certainly not the bazaar heh. They are frequently camped on Najena (and Lucan D’Lere) though typically by people running bot programs and I’m not quite sure why. I’ve never heard of them dropping any special loot at least. They’re also heavily camped because of the dang quests in PoF requiring them, they’re part of a pretty popular chain for a nice necklace.

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