Posted by: mrrx | August 9, 2006

Factionquest continues

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 54, 15% XP.    Quester #79.     Started out the evening going after Peacock, and talked two folks into joining my group and helping me finish off the quest.     

Nearby the skeleton rock was a vessel which I inspected, and then I got a *3 minute* timer to kill, I believe, 5 skeletons.      Very close, even with two other people, because the last skeleton was not close by and had to be chased down; and then, you must throw the skeleton bones you collected back into the vessel, with the timer running until you do.      Made it, but it had to have been very close.

Despite asking if they needed any help, my two groupmates didn’t respond to me when I asked if they needed anything.      Nice of them to help out, too bad I couldn’t really help them though, I would have liked to return the favor.

Killed gnolls for awhile with my paladin helper which he appreciated – they were yellow & white con to him so the XP was good he said.      This finished off another of my writs, leaving Sandscrawler Magus, and Bladefuries, undone.       It’s amazing the tiny amount of faction you get for completing writs – I get 150 faction points for each writ, compared to 2500 doing the quests for Blades court.      Moving those away from indifferent is, roughly, impossible unless you just decide you’re going to do it and focus solely on the task.

Did two more Blades faction quests, and killed a bunch of Coin guards, to move my faction up to Amiable.       Now, I’ve gotten up to 54 and the con color of the guards is now white.    I thought, let’s see if I can take a group of three Coin guards – two vv, and one v.       Should be doable right ?

With no mana left and the tiniest sliver of health, I pulled it off.      Certainly not trying that again anytime soon.      Three of them managed to hit me with too many interrupts until I killed the first one, which I unwisely selected as the v guy.     Still, picking an easier one sounds like a tougher fight than I want.

Also got started on the next Peacock quest.    Once again, I have to go talk to this jerk camel dealer hanging around the Coin guards, and once again I just barely get in, get the quest text finished, and run like hell away.      Kind of annoying, and the only other way to deal with it looks to be killing them, which I’m not equipped to do – one ^ and one ^^.     Though they now con white, I’m not going to burn an invis totem charge and find out that they can see through them.

Returning to Sinking Sands, I find that Mahir will now give me an even better faction quest – Captive of Alliz Raef Ew.    This one rewards 7,500 faction points and is a green quest; so I’ll have to try it.     But for tonight I went and dealt with banking and such in Qeynos before I logged off.    Bought stuff to complete another 5 collection quests, which helped propel me to #79; almost at my previous position of #78.      Cracked Barbarian bones, alas, are still not available.


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