Posted by: mrrx | August 7, 2006

The Last Peacock; and Aliyyah’s Tasks


Tezcatlipocca : 80% XP.     Continued working Peacock Club quests; first, by finishing off the theft of the Blades banner.       This went very easy the second time, after I just invis’d myself and walked around.      All you had to do was search several items for clues as to the location of keys, then zone out.       Once outside, you get a hitlist of Blades people to kill to gather the three keys, and this went uneventfully.      Finally, you sneak back in and grab the banner to finish.

Next up : you find out that a single member of the Peacock club is left, Waddah.      All the others have been kidnapped and are presumed dead, and Waddah wants you to figure out what happened.     This leads you to a soloists puzzle – a camel dealer is the one you need to talk to, and the only way in to him is past two ^^ high-level guards.      What to do ?

Me, I sent my dog after them and he died quickly, but distracted them for a few seconds at least,   while I ran in warded and talked to the camel jockey.     Turn around, run, use a special ward, and run off the guards.       Barely managed it but it was good enough.

Next I went out and chased after camels.      Two of them were in static spots and not difficult to find.        Killed one pair with no problem; the second pair were easy after another invis application and sneaking past guards, lower level this time so invis actually works.     The third camel was a lot of fun.

You see, the camels are in a group with a camel handler.     The third camel handler runs around Sinking Sands, and you have to follow him to find out where his camels are.     Well, you could use Ogaming but I found this much more fun.        I chased this guy for ten minutes or more until finally I sighted his camels and engaged.       The only bad part being because of an add, I managed to get myself killed, but at least I finished off the step and was ready for another run to the camel jockey in Maj Dul.

Before that, I took a bit of a detour and worked on Aliyyah the Necro’s quests killing undead.      Finished off three quests for her – got her some mummies as pictured, then skeletons and cobras, and finally did scouting for her.      I needed to visit several locations with undead next to them and this went pretty well.     I finally figured out where the Eye of Anuk is – it’s a hole in the ground you climb down into, right next to the Servants of Anuk south of the Bay.

I also had to scout the Bay.      I thought I could just jump off, swim away, and get finished that way but I goofed and got a Servant of Anuk ^^^ on my tail.     After dying, though, I was finished and received a fourth quest requiring me to go down into the Eye of Anuk which I wasn’t quite ready for.

Worked some more of the writs in the area, including gathering cobra fangs, and killing Anaz Mal Diviners.     Now those guys are nasty and vicious bad boys.      One add, or a mistake, and I’d be toast.     Survived it but decided I would tackle them later.     Also progressed beetle herding quite a ways, perhaps 8 more beetles and I will have finished the entire set of quests.    The next step in Peacock is to finally use those strange Y-shaped things I see all over the Sinking Sands – I need to find maybe eight different ones for this step.

And I worked on faction.     Lots and lots of Blades faction.     Many times ventured into the Croc Caves and killed off bull crocs and their nests.      Several times killed off Burdened Rujarkian Raiders.      Took out lots of Coin guards in the little wealthy plaza I found; the Truth guys in another plaza are too hard and come with a useless pit fighter to battle as well.       Grabbed pairs of Truth guards when I could ambush them.    And when the last token was turned in I found myself all the way to indifferent with almost zero faction points.     Pretty good coming from, what, -37000 where you start ?

Finished off the night looking for Rujarkian Protectors, which I found a few of along highwayman road.       Going to be awhile finishing them off as very few spawned, so I logged and called it good.

Quester # 81.       Not exactly burning up the charts but I do what I can.


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