Posted by: mrrx | August 4, 2006

Tokens and Faction

Tezcatlipocca : 18% or so XP.     Headed off to Maj Dul – after a stop in Sinking Sands to do the Crocodile task one more time.       Only took a few minutes as someone had spawned a bull alligator for me already.

Once there, I examined all three keys to the courts, and got three new sub-quests to finish off the first Peacock Club quest.     I needed to sneak into each of the courts, and retrieve a banner to finish off that portion.      I managed to finish two.

Truth court was fairly easy.    You are given around 9 minutes to finish, and have to collect three keys from a small instance, fight a solo-boss monster, and get out.       I did it the cheesy way – taking my time through the instance and collecting the three keys, failing, and then restarting the instance and just going straight to unlocking the case and grabbing the banner.      IE, the keys are not no-zone items, which they probably should be.

Coin, now, this one I did so many times my eyes bleed thinking about it.      You get a mere 4:30 to finish this off, and for a more offense-oriented class this would be enough.     I had to walk in, in one of four side-chambers off of a large room with two guards in it, and hustle to the opposite side chamber and inspect an empty case.       Next, you need to return to the door, kill the thieves which spawn, and this will give you the banner.     Exit the instance to finish the quest.

Did this once just to figure out how to do the quest; for once, I didn’t read the Ogaming writeup.       Did it two more times unsuccessfully because the guards were too tough; I had to rest after the fights and my lousy food didn’t work fast enough.     Ate high level food and restarted again.

Lost another try which should have been successful, because I didn’t realize you had to exit the instance before the timer was up – I wanted tokens from attacking guards – and several more where I just couldn’t finish in time.      The good news was my blood pressure stayed low, since I was happy to continue collecting tokens, and after perhaps my 8th try I finished it.

The best part about doing these quests is I got quite a lot of tokens which I promptly turned in for Blades faction.     Especially since I failed so many times in Coin, but didn’t let them stop me from killing them.    My faction is now just short of apprehensive with Blades, a good place to be given that my next stop is Blades to grab their banner.      Too bad that once you complete the quest, the instance is closed to you.    Oh well.


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