Posted by: mrrx | August 4, 2006

Classes in Gods & Heroes

I’ve been a bit busy and hadn’t posted about this interesting game at all.      Cliff notes version of why I’m interested in Gods & Heroes is :

  • Roman – themed MMO.     Not another Tolkienesque world.
  • Minions.     You have your own little group.

I’m a bit concerned by the lack of attention paid to the economic system, and about the games solo friendliness, but still the rest of the package seems very compelling.    

I note that one problem I have with EQ2 – limited character slots – is dealt with by allowing 8 characters per server, and with only 6 classes and one race, I don’t need any more than that.   I think.

Now, the character classes have been revealed for some time with a one-sentence description, but the blog entries over late June and July really have fleshed them out for interested parties.

The fighter types are the Gladiator, and the Soldier.      Think damage dealer, and tank.

The scout types are, oddly enough, the Scout, and the Rogue.      Think distance damager, versus close-in heavy damage.       The info is weakest on the rogue.

The magical types are the Mystic, and the Priest.      Think magic user, and, well, priest.     Although, the devs seem to be going to great lengths to erase the distinction between healers and nukers, and come up with something new.

They are recruiting players for the beta, although it hasn’t begun yet.      (Me, I haven’t been selected).      There is new official info about when the game will come out, namely, before the end of 2006.       Here’s hoping they pull this one off and make a great game.


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