Posted by: mrrx | August 2, 2006

Random vacation thoughts

Italians know how to eat.    The food there is wonderful, and plentiful, if only served twice a day.      The fast food is different (tavola calda) but really tasty.      And my god, is food cheap in this country!

The places I went were surprisingly dirty; it appeared nobody ever cleaned up trash along roads or in the city.

Sicily – more tunnels than I have ever seen in my life.     My son loved them – “More tunnels!   More!”

Y’know those commercials with the old lady in old-style peasant garb, on a backwards looking farm, with a cell phone in her hand?      They aren’t exaggerating, they’re telling the truth.

There’s something really cool about standing inside a WWII era bunker, looking out, and imagining the Americans landing on the beach.

Mount Erice in Sicily is insanely high, with a large and spectacular view of the flat country around it.      You feel like you can touch the sky on this mountain.

I never sweated so much in my entire life.     Is this how Italy is, or was it just a heat wave?     For added fun, combine brutal heat with water that costs more than gasoline.    And remove water fountains.

When I left, I never saw more people crying other than at a funeral.      I was touched, but of course couldn’t possibly show it.

Alitalia lost our stroller, then recovered it, then lost it again – likely permanently as it was not a checked item.      They also lost the entire family’s bags (6 bags), which we hope to recover.      I suggest not flying Alitalia due to their inattention to your bags.

Nothing beats playing with your kids, on the beach, in warm water up to your waist, and watching the sunset.      For fun, that is.      Nothing beats trying to scrub the sand off of you without a shower, and only sandy towels to help either.      For frustration that is.

It’s good to be back in America.      First thing I did was pour myself a glass of water the same size as a serving bottle inside Italy, and drank it in one long swallow.      Then I ate a Quarter Pounder, which didn’t taste as good as they used to.      I wanted more arancini.

Then, of course, I booted the PC and got into the game.


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