Posted by: mrrx | August 2, 2006

Back to quests


Tezcatlipocca : Ding 53, 10% xp.  Got back into the thick of things inside of the Sinking Sands, finishing up various quests.     First, finished up another of Aliyyah’s quests for mummy parts, and while doing so managed to get level 53.     Also as an added bonus, got my last tablets to speak the Whispering Death language.    Next, to get my spells I headed off to Maj Dul.

Now I’ve not seen this before.    Orcs and Tears Grifters had come out in the open inside of the city, and were very hostile, killing citizens and guards whenever they could.    How weird is that ?      Everyone except Blades are hostile to me now, so I had many factions to dodge; but it was actually easier to move around with the orcs fighting everyone.

Finished up some quests in the city, including the Dalginn quest, and got the first proper Peacock Club quest.     This quest requires you to have three keys to zone into special instances from which you retrieve banners.     I didn’t have the energy to go into this, but I did manage to add the remaining two keys to my inventory.     Before I do this anyway, I think I want to build up my Blades faction some more; it wouldn’t do to have them become hostile to me at all.

Back out to Sinking Sands and I worked on writs for awhile.     I wandered the area near the Cutthroats and Orcs, picking up weapon racks and orcish spiritists.     I had the uncontrollable urge each time I saw a rack to target a nearby female dervish and tell her “Nice Rack”.    {rimshot}    Ultimately finished these two quests, and another vase collecting one, then tried the cobra fang quest again.

This thing is so much more difficult than the others.    To get a cobra fang you have to kill a lot of skeletal cobras.     The shiny will disappear relatively quickly, and the cobras also respawn fast, and are still blue at 53.     Tough fights.     Looks like I’d have an easier time in another several levels, so I gave up on it and went back to Rivervale.

Alas, the various nymphs are still too tough for me to fight, although I did manage to get two of them thanks to good HO’s coming up.     Worked on hounds for awhile before I logged out.

I am quester # 82.     I’ve fallen a few places in the standings but should begin moving up again soon, or at least I hope so.



  1. Welcome back! Glad to see you haven’t fallen that far behind in quest ratings, and looking forward to seeing more posts. 🙂

  2. Welcome back from here as well!

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