Posted by: mrrx | July 4, 2006


Chalchitlicue : Ding 9. My baby conjuror had fun being a mindless XP machine, first in Oakmyst and later just outside the North Qeynos gates. Die badgers!    Die gnolls!   Did a few quests too, but let myself just enjoy them and when I couldn’t find the next quest item without paying attention, just let it drop. What a difference.

But of course I ended up checking the broker and noting that Adept I for the conjuror pet spell was only one gold, so Tez came on and bought it for her.

Tezcatlipocca : 70% XP, quester # 78. Put out a call for help doing carpet quest #2, and our guild’s resident guardian helped me through it.     He says we were really lucky; had to kill one giant and two Servants of Anuk, then a whole group of tarantulas.       Carpet Quest #3 being a step requiring a full group, we gave up on it at that point.

Went to Tears of Anuk and worked on guild writs together.    The XP was pretty good taking out various gnolls and raptors, and I got a new wrist item with 10 wisdom on it so you can’t complain at all.      Neither of us made much progress on our writs though, and they didn’t overlap.

Once it got late, we logged off.

I love seeing Tez climb up the quest rankings.      Obviously he’ll easily hit 900 quests fairly soon, and 950 will put him in the top 50.    And it doesn’t look like there’s much movement other than me which also bodes well for staying in the top 100.
Happy Fourth of July !



  1. Congradulations on the quest climbing! Since my main has reached level 70 I’ve decided it’s time to devote some time to questing as well (mostly insperation from reading your blog here) unfortunetly it’ll be a long long time before I make it to the top-100, as the Najena list begins at I think 1,500 quests or something like that *grins* should be fun though!

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