Posted by: mrrx | July 3, 2006

Pirate Economy Updated

I’m a bit late bringing it up, but PotBS has had another update related to their proposed economy.        Read it yourself for the full story.

Cliff notes version :

  • When a player loses his ship, the original plan was for no death penalty.      Due to the economic changes coming in, each ship will have a durability rating (“I’ve still got 4 lives left”) and after it’s used up the ship is destroyed.        This will enable players to sell ships to other players since they decay.
  • Ships in the game will be in persistent locations; before, they were in a “port” based on where the player was which sounded pretty loopy to me.

Still sounds like a great game with lots of potential.      I don’t like the idea of losing your ship, but realistically, in a PvE game there won’t be huge potential to lose your ship unless you take on too-difficult enemies.      And if you do it for the money, you pick on wussies anyway versus doing it for the XP.

Still looking forward to this one, sometime around the end of 2006 is my guess.


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