Posted by: mrrx | July 3, 2006

Beetle Herding, again

Tezcatlipocca : 51% XP.     Quester #84 .      Took on Dervish Cutthroats to finish off a writ; they hang out along the west end of the zone and were pretty dangerous.       One add and I was toast.     Managed to take out all twenty of them though.

Progressed Carpet Quest #2 by dispatching all the solo mobs possible.     For whatever reason, I was so lost looking for some of this stuff until I realized that the Tears of Anuk was referring to lakes.     I was thinking a sand formation for some reason; but once I found it, the scorpions went down and the bush got harvested.    Have three things left; Servants of Anuk, which are ^^^ undeads near the Tears of Anuk; Exiled Kromtorrs, which are ^^^ giants that I see all over the zone; and six or seven silks from the Dune Tarantulas.

Dune tarantulas are my friends though.    I keep herding beetles into them and picking up shells for Beetlebinder, and never molesting them.       I admit though, I think they’d kill me easily if they could.      Managed to get up to Beetle Herding Act V and collecting around 8 of the 12 shells required.

Beetle herding is an interesting challenge.     First, the Skittish Scarabs are often not up, whether because they are taken up by Dune Scarabs, or simply because they spawn slowly.     So, naturally, you look for other things to do while there which for me includes killing the skeletons, and working a Blades writ by attacking the Rujarkian Orc camps.     Then, more people come along.      I’ve asked three different times and got turned down each time, trying to form a group around herding the beetles – I suspect it would update all of us but obviously can’t prove it.

So you end up where many players are chasing the beetles and that introduces problems.     The challenge in the quest is avoiding the many adds that walk the sands; you can’t kill them all and clear the area at 50ish.      So I find myself killing an add and getting my beetle taken from me.       Hey!    That’s Mine!     I find myself stealing a beetle from another player because I couldn’t see his invisible outline.      Oops – sorry.       I find another player running in and scooping up two hides which I should have gotten as I sent the beetles to their deaths in the spider pit.       Arggghhh.        And I find myself with empty sands waiting for the beetles to spawn, killing off orcs, and a new player comes in and swoops up some beetles that *I* should have gotten.

But it really is fun to have three of the things at one time, walking along next to them, smacking em with the cattleprod, and gathering all three for a trip to the slaughterhouse.      Yeeee haaa !    Git along lil’ doggies !

Made another trip to the Tears of Anuk and did a harvesting writ.    There are probably ten different widgets that you can gather; I had two.      Kept seeing all the other ones laying around but you can’t pick them up unless you have the quest.     The way I finished the quests was to run around the lake and pick up anything I saw laying on the ground, dodging gnolls or taking them down as I went, and avoiding the raptors like death itself (^^^ very nasty looking lizards).

Worked a few other quests, made a trip to town and re-gathered four writs, and worked the broker.        I love when people underprice tuber strands.      I also managed to get another spotted beetle for a reasonable price, and completed my half-elf bone collection.     Found out that someone is selling cracked barbarian bones and has a stack of seven of them!      Sheesh what a gold mine.     Broker price was 36 gp which I’m not going to pay, but maybe he’ll come down in price; I need two of them, and one is the final piece in my cracked bone collection.     The other guy selling them has one up at 70g.       Finally finished, my way back to the dock on the Sands before logging for the night.


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