Posted by: mrrx | June 29, 2006

Beetle Herding

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 52, 10% XP. Got my tub of Tubfuzzle or whatever, and finished off the Damsel in Distress quest. Next quest in the Peacock series is Bones of Dal’ Gyrin, and managed to get the quest and discover I need a group for the next step – to visit Hullcrasher Rock.     The mob I need to kill isn’t too tough, but the sirens on the rock are and killed me when I tried taking them on.

Kept after the Glyphskull Skels to find more language items but got none.    Killing them is great but the adds from Dune Spiders/Spiderlings really blow.     Also got three of my four decrepit ghouls, and started the Beetle Herding quests.

Beetle herding is fun.    Walk up to a beetle, and you automatically smack it with a beetle/cattleprod.     It runs towards the tarantulas, and after they finish it off it drops a carapace which you pick up.    Easy right ?

Yes.    Except when the tarantulas are not in the right area.     I waited half an hour at one point for them to wander into the right area before I gave up and logged.
And that’s about it.     It’s been a busy week at work.       And you get only a few posts in July while I visit Italy.



  1. It’s the Bones of Dalgin B’Dynn I think. And you get many more undead language items from the skeletons under the Eye of Anuk and near the back entrance to the Silent City. Both locations are caves accessible from the Eye of Anuk and the Bay of Anuk.

    And if you’re just on the “Bones” step from the Antiquitor, you have a LONG way to go, hehe. Good luck tho and have fun in Italy.

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