Posted by: mrrx | June 26, 2006

Moving up!

Tezcatlipocca : 70% XP.    Quester #98.      Jumped back into the water and debated with myself while killing sirens – is 24g worth it to finish this quest?      The problem became moot after killing my tenth siren, getting the eye, and finishing the quest.

Headed off to the area above Varsoon, and camped the elementals there for awhile.    No updates.    No XP.     For a long time.      Eventually, I got the bright idea to check and see if Sinking Sands has elementals and apparently they do, somewhere, so I just have to find them and go after them versus these pinked-out dudes.      And the evil eyes and nightbloods will be easier once I am higher level.      So my L&L project is put on hold.

And with that, headed off to Sinking Sands and Maj Dul.     Needed to buy my level 51 spell and wandered for awhile inside the city, picking up an odd quest or two and getting a feel for the zone.      This is one complex and confusing city, where the map does not help very much and you just have to wander and memorize the zone instead.

I found some scorpions and decided to kill one; big mistake.    The thing rooted me, then I started getting adds, that also rooted me, and I died.     But my revive point was the Golden (something), and this is the place where you can buy spells.      You can also buy them once you are in good with one of the factions but I'm not exactly there yet.

Also did a quest requiring me to enter a small instance and look for something for the Tears Grifters.     As a reward you get medallions to turn in for court factions.     I goofed and took Blades items, which can't be turned in to the blades guy.     I took my faction hits and left it at that; but I think I will build up my Blades faction.

Got started on that by getting the crocodile quest again and taking them all down.     I am, probably, KOS now with the Truth guys, and it won't take long until I'm also KOS to Coin.      That should make it harder to move around in Maj Dul, but I should be able to still get to the Golden Palace.      I hope.     Suppose I'll find out.       And I logged out in front of the Croc Quest giver.



  1. A suggestion!

    If you plan on doing the long long peacock chain of quests, a great deal of which are solo ones, (there are 18 total I think.. beginning with an npc outside the Golden Scepter) you’ll be a *lot* better off starting it before you become KoS with any factions.. the reason for this is the first few quests require you to run literally all over maj’dul, collecting various items, and if you’re KoS to any of the factions, it will take 4x as long to complete them. Not that it’s a huge factor, it’s still do-able if you’re KoS, but after messing with faction with one of my alts, I decided to do the quests first before working any faction at all, and it was a much better rout.


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