Posted by: mrrx | June 25, 2006

Quester #100

Chalchitlicue : Ding 7.    My conjuror got some play as I wanted to have Tez complete the newbie collection quests, and she got the job of gathering the stuff.      Also got her to level 3 as an artisan, though I'm not sure if that matters in the slightest.

Conjuror is a different experience at the low levels.    My pet tanks; he never loses aggro, and I just stand back and watch, managing his health and blasting away as much as possible.    It's fun.    

And I took her off the island to have her hang out by the brokers as I seem to constantly want to do that while Tez is running someplace and I think " Oh yeah!   I forgot to check the price of Treant Branches!".     So that's her subsidiary job.

Tez is the quester; Huey is the Kill Totals guy; Tlaloc is the KVD ratio.     I'm not sure what Chalchi's role would/could be.     Nor do I have any idea on an artisan career – weaponsmith and armorer are out, leaving tailor and jeweler, neither of which is hugely attractive.    Maybe she'll just skip all that. 

Tezcatlipocca : 45% XP. Acting on a tip from a forum dweller, I headed out towards Nektulos Castle.  The pathway to the castle has decaying flesh beings, and crumbling guardians aka gargoyles.

I spent a solid hour killing these things and occasionally a patchwork man would spawn. Got my 24 patchwork men this way; while it was slow going and boring at times, at least I also upped the undead count to 3545 this way.

Immediately gated back to Nettleville and dealt with selling once again (plat bank : 36).    Grabbed collection items from the shared bank to complete the two newbie collections, and did the turn in for "rewards" and XP.     And headed out to Thundering Steppes to take on sirens.

Was very lucky; killed no more than 12 sirens before I had the rare update.     Now only the siren eye, a purchasable item, is outstanding; yet the thing is selling for 24g, just like the two treant items I need.     Not that determined to finish yet, I think I'll try and get it to drop.      I'm closing in on L&L quests though, clearly.      But given the late hour I had to log out at this point.

A pleasant surprise as I check the web this morning.    I made #100 on the quester board!    Woo Hooo !    Now, I doubt I will stay there given that I'm going to try working more on the L&L quests, but you never know.     After I can knock those things out, I'll be ready to head off to the Sinking Sands and (gasp!) earn XP and do quests at the same time. 



  1. Congradulations on making the 100 list, and mmm gotta love those L&L’s *grins*

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