Posted by: mrrx | June 23, 2006

Cats always land on their feet

Tezcatlipocca : 42% XP.      It amazes me how I can work on greyed out monsters and quests and still get so much XP.

Started out by getting my final fetid blightrats for a book, and find the next monsters to be Vale Nymphs.      After engaging one and just barely getting out-fought and killed, I decided to come back in a few more levels to finish this and other books up.     But I still have a lot of Lore & Legend quests to finish.

Went after the two solo Rivervale Nightbloods, and elementals, and unfortunately got no updates.    One thing that did drop, though, was a Leatherfoot book with another quest.    Got started on that one, and the initial steps were to kill Vale Nymph Seedlings which were easy – one down arrow pinked-out mobs have no chance.      The next mobs were , naturally, heroic mobs and would have killed me if I hadn't turned tail and run like a scared little girl.

Went out to Enchanted Lands next, and killed a bunch of Evil Eyes.    No updates.    I swear, the Lore & Legend quests can be so frustrating; no tougher monsters to finish up on and get XP and loot, and if I don't get them now the quests will green out and be much less desirable to finish.     The one which I *should* be able to finish, treants, can't be completed because the body drops are unavailable on the broker at any price.

The most fun thing to happen though, was my unexpected plunge off of a mountain.    I was in the midst of sending multiple tells and keeping up several conversations when I accidentally fell – and died.    Or did I ?    My health bar is empty, I think, I must be dead…………..

Quickly mousing over the bar revealed my hit points : one left.     Saved by a single hit point !     One tiny change in equipment and I would have been DEAD.      There was just something unutterably cool about that whole thing.

While heading to Nektulos to try more (L&L) quests, I got intercepted by guildies and grouped up in the Sinking Sands.    Finished off Carpet Quest #1, and started on #2.      Gathered some spider silk, and rode the wave of pure air for updates, when everyone but me went LD and didn't return.

Finished up with a quick trip to the broker and bought my final Striped Red Ant.    I hope – if Elowys drops this one I will spit her on my new Great Spear.    Striped Grey Ants were pricey but plentiful, and I thought I'd just wait on them until they came down in price.     Logged out in front of the broker.



  1. Sounds as though your adventures are going wonderful, I really enjoy reading about them. 🙂 Close call with that mountain diving *Grins*

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