Posted by: mrrx | June 21, 2006

Nightbloods By Group

Tezcatlipocca : 30% XP.     811 quests.   Started off the evening by running to Elowys in Thundering Steppes.    I had her ant.     I believe this ant to be the final step in her quest.     And I hand it to her………. and it bit her.    And she dropped it.    

"Can you get me another one ?"

Do you know how much I paid for that ant?     Too much.     Soo much I'm ashamed to admit it; I'll lose my Aura of Cheapskate if I say it out loud.     And now she wants another one.      Ran back to the broker to see if any were for sale, but 40g is over my tolerance level so I opened up the quest journal looking for something else to do.

Headed out to the Feerrott, and with 8 thulian skaters left I figured I could camp them and finish off this worst writ ever, and I succeeded.     Got a bunch of pages for tomes, most I had already, but got some new ones.     Full group was killing Constructs of Thule, unfortunately, would have loved to finish that quest.

Ran back to Rivervale expecting to kill another 10 fetid blightrats when I find a group of five killing the little buggers.     Got into the group and talked them into killing nightbloods and picking up the quests.      Over the next couple hours we killed all the nightbloods I needed to reach 100, and the nameds necessary for Drafling Tower "access" quest.    I just wish I got some Lore & Legend updates but I guess you can't get everything.

We were led by a foul-tempered shadowknight, with a harvest-happy Fury partner, an infantile-humor Conjuror and a silent Wizard.      Fifth spot was filled by various people.     The group got wiped twice and I guess our leader got testy after the second one, with someone pulling extra mobs.     Or maybe it was him – he wasn't the type to admit mistakes, he was a blamer.     Still, we did generally well and I was glad to get all of them the nightblood quests as they are deeeeeeeeeep inside the zone.

They just kept going though; they were more of a grind group, so I left to go and update the nightblood quests.     Not that I can tell you what Rukir Pineleaf needs from me next; warded, ran inside, blew through the quest text while nightbloods were wailing on me, ran outside and ran them off, living with 17 health.      Way too close.    Finished up by killing more of the boring blightrats.      And I bored myself so I logged off; 5 more blightrats to go.

Quester #101 on the Bazaar server.      Oh, so close.


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