Posted by: mrrx | June 20, 2006

Striped Red Ants!

Tezcatlipocca : 10% XP.   Took a quick trip to the Commonlands, and finished off the goblin book quest in Gobblerock's Hideout.      It's amusing; as if a goblin would write about raiding in EQ2.      That book I'll be keeping all right.

Then I spent an eternity in the Tombs of Night to finally work two quests I had available there.       The Small Sampling quest required you to get rocks from mobs by defeating various ring events.      I got the first three no problem, but went through the recommended procedure for Gulp and Lureclaw, and it didn't work.      I spawned both of them, then killed them, but no rock.

OK.    Ogaming tells me inconsistent information, but people claim that killing one first causes problems.      So I tried again, and killed Lureclaw first then Gulp.     Still no rock.   Grrr.    So I killed everything on the bottom floor, then spawned Gulp and Lureclaw, then killed them and got my rock.

And you get a second quest – to gather grinnin blood from the same zone.     Sigh.    So I go through and end up killing every non-^^^ goblin inside the zone to collect all the blood for the quest.     I am now an initiate slayer of goblins – yay.      The whole thing was quite a bit of a grind, especially after the problems doing the first quest.

One nice thing I noticed – if you zone in and out, you can pick up 3 or 4 collection items by walking a path through the zone, so I did that a few times and got started on vampire fangs, bloodstones, mushrooms, and got a gnome bone I needed.     Might do that a few times later, but I wasn't going to do it again, I was thoroughly sick of the zone after those quests.

Killed treants and elementals for a bit but got no updates, then headed to town.     And what do I see on sale on the broker ?    Striped red ants !     Two of them !       I'm embarassed by how much I paid for them, but I did it, went ahead and bought them, and will be finishing of with Elowys  next session.     Also bought some mushrooms to finish that collection quest and one other whose name escapes me.      Still need a striped grey ant – none were for sale – and I'll be finished, at long last, with collecting ants.



  1. lol sounds very cool. great post.

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