Posted by: mrrx | June 19, 2006

800 Quests and Feyiron Dagger Drama

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 51, 3% XP.     And hit my 800th quest.     Hung out in the Feerrott for quite some time, harvesting all the loam I could get my hands on and working book quests.    Finished off two books for the 800 ding.

Still working on the thulian skater writ.     I hate this writ with a purple passion.    It's been sitting in my book for months, the mobs are hard to find, and in an area that has tons of adds.      Now, if after this ding everything is pinked out, I'm going to camp the area and finish the irritating thing.      In any event, did manage to get a few more and I think I have 8 left to finish.

Went to Rivervale and killed more fetid blightrats before logging for the evening.

Was surprised to find that the guild weaponsmith, who I had asked days ago to make me a weapon for a quest, had not actually managed to make it yet.       Well, she made one that didn't work because it was pristine, and I asked if she could make one at "normal" quality.      Sent her back the useless one and a few gold pieces to pre-pay for it.

And I didn't get it.      Sent her a tell to remind her and see what was up, if anything was a problem about doing it.      And she doesn't respond and logs out minutes later.      OK – I know what's going on here.      She doesn't want to make me the dagger for whatever reason and isn't telling me.     Not cool.

Looked up a random weaponsmith and had the dagger made in minutes, picked it up and paid a few gold pieces for it.      And turned it in for the quest completion.      One down, three of the same type to go – I need Wild Apple Muffins now, or something like that, which Tlaloc can craft up and I don't have to depend on people who are funny about doing things they offer to do.

Plat hoard is at 32 plat.      Feels good to have money in the bank.

And I go to check the daily Everquest 2 blogging sites, and I find that Satia has deleted her blog, Everquest Adventures.      I wonder why, and I hope everythings going OK for her.     Bring it back hon!


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