Posted by: mrrx | June 18, 2006

Dead Prophets and Bushes

Someone better fix the bush spawn rates in Thundering Steppes; we were literally drowning in Fayberries. There are eight bushes in this screenshot. I gathered as many as I could stand, hoping that Fayberries sell well.


Tezcatlipocca : 90ish % XP. Began the weekend by logging in and immediately getting into a trio to finish off the Reaching Blade quest – Baldface the berserker, and a wizard and I. For the three of us taking down the groups of heroics inside Rivervale was no big deal. The final step was to save Leelav in the Enchanted Lands from Lodo Bightn, who was the cause of the whole thing, and we managed to save him from the baddies.

We didn't save him from Tez though. I accidentally whacked him after the fight was over and we ended up killing him instead of running him off. No big deal; group broke up and I checked in on him after his respawn to finish off the quest.

Went back into Rivervale and crawled and killed the few solo nightbloods a few times, receiving the two non-rare no-drop updates which is kind of nice, and worked on the book quests for awhile. I eventually decided to head out to Thundering Steppes and work on prayer shawls for awhile. I got a very pleasant surprise here.

Live Update 24 nerfed the Prophets ! I smacked these guys down without finding myself close to death or out of mana. It was a bit difficult, but nothing scary, and that was a welcome and refreshing change. Got my final two prayer shawls, and oh my god, I was ready to finish the quest. Got a new one from my friend the taskmaster on the docks, who does not appear to be concerned with my timeliness completing the task (I received this quest about a year ago) and went to work.

Gathered stuff from bushes (one of the reasons I picked up all these T3 bushes), killed skeletons, and was next asked to kill Patchwork Men. One problem; the Nektulos revamp made all the patchwork men disappear. Gonna have to wait and hope they fix this to progress this quest.

Also killed sirens, treants, and elementals for Lore & Legend quests. Got treant bark, leaving me with two more items to finish; and one of the siren items. Still no siren or elemental "spirit", the rare update that is. Started working a book quest in Varsoon and then logged off.
799 quests; just couldn't get that final one in there. The guild dinged 22, after Reaching Blade put us at 98.5% Zangle finished another HQ to push us over the edge. And our leader Sway, bless her, is apparently going to be stationed in Florida and will actually be joining us. I hope so, she's the glue that will hold the guild together.


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