Posted by: mrrx | June 16, 2006

Demented Alchemists

Tezcatlipocca : 82% XP.  795 Quests.   Finished up with my Evil-side Far Seas requisitions, and checked out the new NPC at the West Freeport gates; alas, he won't speak to a goodie like myself.

Next, checked out the revamped Nektulos Forest.    They sure changed a lot of things; there are also plants that can give you a DOT if you get too close to them.      I found out where the Treants are (North, near Solusek's Eye) and commenced whacking to find a treant spirit at last.      Still need three different body drops but the worst part is over, I hope.

Next headed back to Qeynos, and crafted my first items under the new system.      Sure is a lot easier.     I made some power replenishment potions, and got ten at a time which stack to 20.     They replenish around 98 power, which ain't a lot by any stretch – my power pool is around 1200.      But, once I use them, I'll know if the reuse timer makes them more useful.     Created thirty potions and quit crafting.

Then confirmed the dreaded nerf.     The sellback for the potions is exactly the fuel cost.

Lame.    Lame, lame, lame, LAME, LLLAAAAMMMMEEEE ! 

Well, if anybody buys the things it might be OK.     (Stop laughing.   I'm going to check anyway.)     I'll have to make some to sell sometime but tonight was not the night – my bags were almost full.      Sold, dumped more stuff on the broker, and found out how the new broker worked.     Some of my items sold, and some were priced way over what others sold them at.     That's OK – I still think I sold one or two items for huge prices.     The log of what items sold is very nice, date and time stamped and everything.

Finished the Fairy L&L quest after buying the jar; the treant parts I needed weren't available.    Mmmm.

Then headed back off to Rivervale, and continued to work quests.     No elemental updates, although I found out what happened yesterday.     I had an elemental essence well, and some other item, one of which was in my bank and the other on my person.     When I studied the items, the ones in the bank disappeared and not the ones in my bags.    That's a weird bug.      Got a chest drop containing……….. another book quest !    And found some book quests by the fence in Qeynos which is nice.

Got perhaps 8 fetid blightrats, who hit hard and are close things when I fight them, and then found three one-down-arrow corrupted brigands inside of a building, grouped with someone called the demented alchemist.     Great, I thought, I can kill them and run off this alchemist and finish the book quickly.

Yikes.     The Demented Alchemist is a fiend.     Not only does he hit hard, he's sneaky, he didn't start really hurting me until halfway through the fight.    He has vicious special attacks including mezzes and stuns, and something like brigand arts as well.    Used up an emergency ward and had to exit Rivervale to get away from him.     Despite this, forewarned and forearmed, I went back to him several times for many corrupted bandit updates and managed to survive each time, although it was always very close (red health no mana).

At the rate I'm going it will take over a month to finish off the Nightblood quests in Rivervale.    I believe I have 12 of them, and have 88 to go.     Every night I call out for a group to kill them, and never get a group.     Have to build one myself I guess but that's a hard process.      And with that I logged off for the night.


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