Posted by: mrrx | June 15, 2006

Hard Rocks and Heroic Success

Huehueteotl : 50% XP.     From all the hysterical postings on the test forums, or perhaps because devs listened to them, I was worried about my ability to root & nuke with my wizard.     It's not so bad.

It's slightly harder to get a second root off after the first one breaks.     I kept taking hard hits as I tried to get the next root off, and almost got killed after one skeleton resisted it 3 times.      Still, nothing I can't get used to.

Tlaloc : Ding 23, 15% XP.    Started out by discovering that he can't craft anything without loam.    Doh!    All this stuff saved up, and none of it is useful.     And Tlaloc can't gather it himself either; not until he gains 20 levels.       So emptied his bags and got started on adventuring again.

Got his first AP, which makes him run faster.   Was pleased as punch to start up my monk and be a mindless killing machine for awhile.     Took on the double-down groups in the Thundering Steppes, and even a heroic group in Antonica.

Four skeletons.    Level 18 and green.    No arrows, but heroic.      Everybody says they can do this; why not me ?    Let's see how well it works.     And I got into the fight, beat down the first one as fast as I could manage, and played whack-a-mole until I was almost out of mana.    And yet, I killed them and they got me to roughly 1/3 hp.      Neither was I concerned about getting killed, not once I got the first one.      That was fun!      I'm going to have to try more challenging encounters.

Tezcatlipocca : Immediately gated to Qeynos, and got familiar with the new broker interface.     What you do is place empty boxes into the broker, and then place items into the boxes.     The bigger your house, the more boxes you can place inside, so naturally I got only two.      It was enough for the stuff I was selling.     

Clearly, I'm never going back into my inn room again.      Makes me want to sell some of the stupid books I have all over my room, along with the merchant board.     

The interface is clean and intuitive.     Search for a named item, and there's apparently an advanced tab as well.     Vendor sell prices are clearly labeled, so arbitrage is dead and gone, but that's OK.      Searched out current prices on all my stuff, relisted everything, and searched for stuff on the broker.     Bought a couple of things that were very low priced and put them up for resale, then headed out to adventure.

The new selling interface gets good marks from me.     I think once we're all used to it everyone will love it.

Got my Elemental lore & legend quest, and another 4 book quests.     Jeez am I ever going to be finished with these stupid things ?     Varsoon, Feerrott, Rivervale, and maybe one other zone.     Got back to work on them inside Rivervale and progressed one book quite a distance.      The other book is asking for Festering Blightrats, and I think these are ^^^'s in the same area as the young ones; but I didn't see any and wasn't going to kill to try and pop them.

One neat bug surfaced – as I examined the Elemental L&L pieces, I got the update on the quest but the items stayed in my inventory.      Hope someone has a fairy dust jar they can loan me !

Tried out gathering.    Everything gathers very easy – I had no failures that I noticed.    Got several rares; I think rares are no longer "rare", they are more like uncommon.   Got five items at a time on some occasions.     And after I did this for awhile I realized that none of this matters without loam, so I went after the hard rocks only and got maybe a dozen loams.    

Next made my way to the Commonlands, ostensibly to check out the new zone, but I got distracted by outstanding quests in Fallen Gate and Wailing Caves.      Made it to the bottom of the Wailing Caves for the first time, and killed off 12 spiders for one requisition.    Also killed off the leader of the orcs in there; the event was well done and very fun.     Got into Fallen Gate and killed some of the snakes I needed for the second one, and given the late hour and not wanting to wait till they repopped I logged off.

792 quests.     Still want to test tradeskill vendor sellback prices, but word is they nerfed them.     But I'll reserve comment until I've crafted some.


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