Posted by: mrrx | June 14, 2006

Odds & Ends

New website – EQ2 Questlist should be a good resource for questers to track what quests they have, and keep it personally updated if they're trying to finish off every quest……… like I'm trying to do.

I had always figured I would go through that spreadsheet someday, but I never did, because it kept getting updated which made things harder.     Now, a web-based form that I can make input into once, sounds much more attractive.

My best set of links is still maintained on the old site.

Live Update #24 is going in today.

  • No Sub Combines – Good !
  • No vendor sellback profit – Bad Bad Bad !
  • New Betrayal – Good !

I suspect I will not tradeskill any longer for alchemy.     If I'm going to literally make not even a silver piece or two (which just pay for recipe books) by tradeskilling, and I'm not going to use the products, what is the point ?     My box-making hasn't happened due to other priorities; the only one left will be my provisioner, and even that will be questionable unless I can broker food.

Now, granted, potions might be getting better, but I'll have to check and see.     They should stack now, giving you the option of having 20 or 50 charges of a particular potion.    This would work if the potions are itemized well, IE, I can make something useful at the appropriate levels.     And yet I also hear that many potions are being removed.

Sometimes, I just *do not get* what the dev's are thinking.

Tezcatlipocca : Continued to slaughter fairies, and finally got that fairy spirit.    If I can buy the dust jar I'll be finished with the quest.     Went back to Rivervale and worked book quests, and tried unsuccessfully to get into a nightblood killing group.    Logged off early.


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