Posted by: mrrx | June 14, 2006

Live Update #24

Live update #24 is here, and the notes are here.

No mention made of the vendor-sellback nerf.     I'm hoping it STAYED ON TEST, otherwise I might be done with tradeskills.

The Fallen Dynasty is on and live, and if Tez makes it to level 55 anytime soon I'll be buying it and checking it out.      Would love to see a neat Asian-themed set of zones. 

Tradeskills also get the No-sub combine system which sounds great.     Potion naming will follow a recognizable progression, much better than the ridiculous names given the old ones.      And wish I had noticed this earlier – Fungus harvests will substitute for roots.    Should have gathered that stuff after all.

The new betrayal is live, and can be started at level 10.     Time to get my Ogre Paladin started and see how well it works.     Selling items via consignment is also now working, though reading the notes doesn't give a good impression on how it will work.    One item to note is the minimum price set for an item will be the vendor sellback price.     PHooey!     No more arbitrage !      

Nektulos and the Commonlands were updated; ohhhh, I hope there are some solo treants in large numbers out in Nektulos somewhere.     I really would like to finish the Treant L&L sometime before the year 2008.    Also there's a new questline outside the gates of Freeport that I'll have to check out.

The quest helper now has some keyboard commands.    Alt-. cycles through recently updated quests.     Ctrl-. and Ctrl-, cycles through recently selected quests.     This sounds useful; when some quest updates and surprises you, his Alt-. to see it.    To switch easily between quests you are working on (and have selected) use Ctrl-.

The combat update is also in.      My Mystic and Monk are basically unaffected (my playstyle and level).     My Wizard might be in trouble; from all the weeping and gnashing of teeth I've heard, the roots break too often now and take too long to cast.      But really, I'll have to try it out and see if I can adjust or not.      I'm not too worried; rarely do things I can't stand in combat make it live.

Only another ten hours or so until I can play…………………


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