Posted by: mrrx | June 13, 2006

Slaughter in the Enchanted Lands

Tezcatlipocca : 71% XP.    789 quests.   Continued to clean up quests.     Back into Runnyeye and killed the clay golems, and evil eyes, to finish up two quests, then headed out to Antonica.

The Tomb of Valor has a particularly difficult quest, the Key to the Past.     To finish this quest you must spawn Lord Chesgard and slay him.     At a level appropriate time, this is the most impossible quest I have ever had the misfortune to run into.     The Tomb is nothing more than a rectangle with either 10 or 12 coffins within it; but to spawn the boss, you must slay a zombie which comes out of each coffin, then close the coffin to keep the zombie from respawning.

Well, that's not too tough.     Except that as you slay the second zombie, spirits begin to spawn, non-attackable, and as they walk through the tomb they open coffins which are closed to get the baddies to respawn.     So you spend most of your time closing the coffins and letting the zombies beat on you.     Add to this the problem of not knowing exactly what you need to do (unless you go to Ogaming and look up the quest) and it's simply impossible.

After an hour or more, I did manage to get all the coffins shut, spawned the boss, and dispatched him quickly with no problems.   Got my amazing level 26 ring and took off.

I noticed that of my unknown quests, three were books within Rivervale, and the Lore & Legend quests were all pursuable within Enchanted Lands : Fairy, Siren, Evil Eye, Nightblood, and Treant.      So I decided it was time to work on these quests seriously and knock some of them off.

I killed a ton of fairies, became a Hunter of Fairies, and got all my updates except for the dust jar (item), and the elusive spirit update.     As I got bored with killing them, I'd wander over and kill off evil eyes, which only gave me an item update.      The area around the spire is just packed with these little fluttering gold creatures, and I cleared it several times and never ran out of things to knock down.     Took out the occasional treant as well but found no updates unfortunately.

Made the trip into Rivervale and got a page or two of two books I need to work; they were pinked-out v mobs.      The other book required a barely-pink ^^^ which I was unable to kill.    Finished off two gathering quests for Gundle while I was here as well.     Though I tried, I did not get into any nightblood hunting group.

Tried to take out three named nightbloods needed for the Drafling Tower access quest, and found out after I pulled him that one was a Epic x2.     I survived the encounter by running quickly – I didn't have enough juice to kill him, and he was still able to hurt me despite being level 35 or so.

Only 11 quests away from 800.     And 800 will put me *very* close to the top 100 questers.


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