Posted by: mrrx | June 12, 2006

Steelhoof Prophets of Frustration Part III

Tezcatlipocca : 65% XP. It was a quiet weekend. First headed to Nek Castle to finish off my last quest in there.

The Marionette of Nyth would either spawn in his spot, or not. But you could reset the spawn in an instance like this by simply zoning in or out, so that's what I did. It was not a trivial affair, because it takes a long time to walk from the zone-in to his spot, but at least nothing is aggro when I'm this far over-leveled for the zone. Eventually, he spawned and that's one less quest to worry about.

Attempted to cross the Fanged Sea and discovered that the skeletons that attack you on the boat are green and aggro, about level 41.     This meant a fairly quick solo death, although I did managed to take two of the bastards with me.     Better wait till level 55 I guess. 

Headed back to the Thundering Steppes and started working on the dreaded prayer shawls again. The good news is, the centaurs can barely scratch me now. The bad news is, they take a long time to kill unless I can knock em down before they start chain-healing. The worst news is, they can be replaced in their spawn points by Steelhoof Raiders which would require me to really work to clear the camp. And finally, the lucky news is getting three updates within four kills (the random number generator is very streaky) before totally running out of Steelhoof Prophets to kill.

Score now stands at 4 of 6 prayer shawls, and I figure I'll try again after the next server reset. Or I could ask for help, because clearing the centaur area is slow, but clearing it should give me the Prophets I need if they're all gone.

Wandered around and collected a few more ?'s but nothing useful and not the Fabled Striped Red Ant, so I went off to Lavastorm and worked writs for awhile until it was time to give up for the weekend; have maybe 8 or 9 off each writ of 25.


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