Posted by: mrrx | June 9, 2006

Collections and Sales

Tezcatlipocca : 62% XP.    780 quests.   Spent much of the session in Qeynos, just dealing with selling.     It simply takes forever for me to deal with all the junk that accumulates on my person once I travel back to town.     I have to take care of all these tasks :

  • Sort harvests by tier, and store in the appropriate bank box, or decide to sell.
  • Figure out if the vendor is a "greedy" vendor (check the price of a bone or L&L piece)
  • Mark the sale price of junk loot in my vendor sale spreadsheet
  • Sell junk loot to vendor
  • Take house items and place them
  • Give items that alts might use someday to them via shared bank
  • Place items that guildys can use in the guild bank
  • Place salable items in the house vault, and price them

And of course, since I ran out of room again on this trip, I outfitted myself with six rosewood strong boxes.      So next trip I'll have even more junk to sort through.

Next, came a real shocker.     I went ahead and bought two pieces of equipment from the broker.

No really, I did.    I actually spent money.     I know, it's hard to believe.

Bought a pristine forged indium spear which had a tiny amount of extra DPS along with a couple extra stat points; and replaced my level 28 chestpiece with something with 50% more mitigation and roughly equivalent stats.     The rest of my armor is level 45+, but I do have a few bracelets and such that are low level.

After selling was finished off, went to the tradeskill pit to use up my mushroom harvests.     After the next update, on June 14th, mushrooms are gone and so are the recipes that use them; so no more gathering them, plus I needed to use 'em or lose 'em.     When I was finished I had 97% XP so I bought a few more things off the broker and dinged 44 alchemist.

Next, I went back to the broker.     No items to arbitrage tonight; someone else beat me to it I believe.    Also started to work collections.      The Fabled Striped Red Ant is still selling for over 50g, and the striped grey ant sells for 10ish.      What does this tell you ?    Time to spend a day and gather in the hopes of getting them; even better, I need two as Striped Red is what Elowys Laceleaf needs from me for the Desperately Seeking Ants quest.   

Did manage to buy a whole bunch of items and complete 10 collections, for prices ranging from 10g to 13s.      I spent way too much money on this stuff, but when I think about how much I get from selling what I gather it doesn't seem too bad.     Really lucked out with the moths; the fence had my three moths for a few silver each, while the Qeynos side had them listed at 5g and change.      All the XP gain came from this turnin which is pretty nice.

And so, traveled out to the Thundering Steppes.      Tried looking for ?'s on the ground but decided instead to work normal quests.    Did manage to find a striped yellow ant, hopefully that's valuable.      Finished off my Three Keys book by hitting the weald wolf area really hard, then progressing it to antelope who were easy to find for the finish.    Worked the Crossing of the Fanged Sea (Everfrost "Access" quest?) and progressed it until I needed the NPC in Zek again.     My PC locked up, and once again, I took this as a divine hint and logged.


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