Posted by: mrrx | June 8, 2006

Hasta La Vista, Everling

Tezcatlipocca : 43% XP.      Made my way back to the Feerrott and completed the Ettin Suit and Sattar Abomination quests.     Got to work on the Thulian Skaters but that quest is just a huge pain in the neck.    I need 26 of the things and I have perhaps 8 now; but getting them is difficult because of the many heroic mobs lining the river in which they travel.       I can't even stand at the beginning of the river and kill them, because the soloable groups of sattars and mosquitos spawn very quickly, especially in comparison to the Skaters.     They're tough too – they killed me once when I got two groups of mosquitos.     Maybe, ugh, I'm going to have to level some more to get this finished.     I need either to level or to group for three other Feerrott quests anyway.

Also killed lizardmen for awhile to finish off the Visions of Flame quest (200 lizards).      Even when just barely green, lizards are very dangerous – the scumbags almost killed me twice as I was racking up the kill totals.

After this, I grabbed the opportunity and a guildy helped me finish up with Everling inside of Nek Castle.     He was actually very easy – I might have been able to solo him.      Still, it's nice to have a tough fighter to stand behind when you're a healer, and this made it a piece of cake.      Completed 6 of 7 quests in the castle, and the final quest requires me to find the Marionette, which will be kind of a pain because spawning it requires you to zone in and out of the castle.    Completing the HQ's, though, gave me a huge XP boost because I certainly got very little killing the barely-green mobs I was working on this session.      I killed maybe 70 mobs and didn't get even 1% XP.

Moved on to Lavastorm and managed to get the big squiggly fish needed for Saving Soles (Soles, like the fish?    Or like the shoe?     Dev humor again).     Fed the hungry goblin and killed the big worm which spawned.

Got killed trying to reach the Efreeti for the next step, and we decided to log at that point.    I'm a bit low to try and reach that right now, as I was with a 61 fighter (Opuja) and nothing was aggro to him.


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