Posted by: mrrx | June 7, 2006

KOS, Schilling and Moppets

With my main at level 50, and no end to the leveling in sight, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and I bought the KOS expansion tonight.      Spent a small amount of time on the download – 10 minutes apparently – and I can now use the spires and gained my first achievement point. 

Logged in Chalchitlicue, my Conjuror, long enough to ding level 3 and kill off Curt Schilling.

Schilling is a pro baseball player who has been an Everquest player for many years, and is pretty outspoken about his gaming habit and how much he enjoys it.     Recently he signed some kind of deal with Sony, and now they have created him inside the game as part of a charity promotion.      Every time he gets killed, Sony makes a donation to ALS up to a maximum of around $10,000.

So I did my part.      He was easy though – a level 2 mob on the Isle of Refuge ?     One down arrow?      The game's kinda rigged here guys, even by my loose standards, but then again they're trying to do it for charity so it makes sense.

Stop by and kill him again will ya ?

Tezcatlipocca : 24% XP.    Continued working quests.      Did the Mystic Moppet collection which was kind of fun – find dolls in the buildings inside Rivervale, and they show up in random locations so you have to actually find them.      Just a matter of picking them up, except for the one inside a building with an aggro ^^^ which I had to grab and run.     Very close – almost died.      Handed em in to Sir Tatters and got yet another quest.

My dog is such a wuss.      He got killed four or five times, probably due to an AE spell by whatever mob I was fighting.      Still, he's basically free and better than nothing.     Still mystified by why I actually got him – I thought you got AP XP from collections, blue quests, and nameds – and none of those happened tonight.

Short session though, so only completed that plus the Sea Sails and Slumber before I logged off.


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