Posted by: mrrx | June 6, 2006

Dogs, Parties, Quiet and Quests

Tezcatlipocca : Spent the night working quests; didn't get too far in clearing out the journal, but did complete a bunch.

Started off with Janitor Zolbruk in Runnyeye, who gives a semi-random kill quest.     I picked a mob (clubbers) and got the quest, only to find out clubbers are ^^^ at level 40, aka green mobs, aka not soloable.    Bah.    Worked a few other quests and deleted the Runnyeye Miners quest because I know exactly where to get it, and the miners are also not soloable.  Spent some time killing the clay guardians, but didn't want to sit and camp them, so left for Enchanted Lands.

Led the dog Mutton around for another quest.      While simple, this amused me, because you had to follow the slow dog as he walked from one trailer to another.     If you were too slow he would stop and bark "Woof?".     When you got close again, he would start moving and then bark "Woof woof!".       After reaching my destination I got a "Woof Woof Woof!".      The whole thing is making me smile as I write.

Tried to keep things quiet for a deputy, planned a party, and eventually got to a stopping point when I needed to get a feyiron dagger for another quest.      Gave a report to Sir Tatters and now I need to kill Grumblerutt in Rivervale, who I found while wandering the zone the other night.

758 quests.     Did not get Everling but that's my goal for next session.


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