Posted by: mrrx | June 5, 2006

Bursting with Quests

Tezcatlipocca : 10% XP.      Logged in and got to work on outstanding quests, finishing up one or two in Enchanted Lands, and headed over to Feerrott.     I had heard some rumors that you could work both camps within Feerrott once you completed several or all quests within your own camp; that does not appear to be the case.    Went ahead and got started on other quests when I get a random tell to come to Rivervale.

Hey, I need some help to spawn a named.

Well, I need help to work the Reaching Blade over there.

OK, I will help you with that step.

Group up and we head to a farmer's field in Rivervale, with a bunch of ^^^ scarecrows infesting it which we proceeded to take down one after the other.      Suddenly I find my groupmate changing the group options and setting loot to leader only.      And then I notice he's not in a guild.      Uh oh.

Sure enough – he screwed me up.  The named this guy spawns is Mangler, a level 48 Epic X2 mob, and we are a 50 mystic and 53 assassin.     While I'm trying to tell him not to engage he does it anyway and almost dies in the first hit.     Thankfully, he's quick on the evac button and we are safe at the zone in.

OK, I have to leave now.

Um, but what about the Lodge for my quest ?

Add me to friends and we'll do it later.

Yeah, sure pal.    /ignore.

But one thing this did do is open up Rivervale for me.     Much of the zone is pinked out and accessible, so I proceeded to gather all quests marked on EQ2Maps within the zone.    Worked on the Sea, Sails and Slumber quest for awhile and needed to kill corrupted brigands.    Once they were all gone worked on Undertow puppets, and sneaked around the edge of the map to get two quests requiring 100 nightbloods along with nightblood lore & legend.      Didn't start on nightbloods though – I need to find a spot with solo encounters, or a group to do so.

And I kept staring at that lone Runnyeye quest I had to do.    It was for Sir Tatters, who was looking for his stolen straw.     This can't be hard, I reason, and I'll just run in and duck out and not accept any more quests.

Famous last words.

Got another 5 or six quests inside there and then find my quest book full.     Completely full – no more quests can be accepted.      Guess I'm not going deeper into Runnyeye just yet.     Finished up with Tatters' quest, although he'll just give me another one once I check in with him.    Killed goblins for awhile for the Janitor, did my turn in, and find out that he doesn't just give one quest, he apparently gives several.      Tried to collect the second in his series but my PC locked up.     I took this as a hint and logged off in Runnyeye.

Nothing but quests for next session.     Maybe Nek Castle, I can clear 5 or 6 there if I kill Everling.    Completed over 750 quests, well on my way to the top 100.


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