Posted by: mrrx | June 4, 2006

The Nektropos Epic

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 50,2% XP. What to do while in the middle of a long boring camp after conversation peters out?    Why, you blog of course.     But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Logged in and got a shout to join a Torig the Vampire quest group, and I immediately hoofed it over to Cauldron Hollow. There was myself, two shadowknights, and a guardian, all 49 or above, and so we figured how hard could the zone be ?

Way too hard.

It took us 45 minutes to clear each house. The zone is basically a common area with maybe a dozen houses set around it.  You need to pick a house and click the statue in front of it. This pops some lost souls, epic x2 mobs, and you have to kill all of them. Next, the named for that house pops, also epic x2 along with two helpers, and you have to kill them.  After killing them you have a chance to spawn Torig.   With no DPS we were reduced to fighting forever and out-whacking them once they ran out of power. It was slow, boring, and irritating.

Then we got Bruelle the berserker into the group and we could clear them in 5 minutes instead. Much easier, and before I realized it Torig comes wandering our way from the zone in point. He had I believe four helpers and was himself a healer, so we went straight after him and ignored the others; after we took him down we high-tailed it out of there.

So we were left needing the Creator in Varsoon, and headed over there to check it out. Lo and behold, he's standing right there when we walk in – very good luck, since he's rumored to be a 24 hour camp. Knocked him flat, then despite my sleepy protests we head over to Nek Castle to finish things by killing Everling.

Once we got in there Opuja, god bless him, couldn't find his way around.      Not that I was any better, but I least I knew I was totally lost inside.   After spending half an hour I logged out, only to come on the next morning and find out he completed Ghoulbane.

Well, no problem.     I spent several hours solo inside Nek Castle and worked every quest I could get anywhere near.      Got my access to the Library after figuring out the confusing quest path – you had to search a chest in an area called the barracks, despite what is posted on Ogaming, in order to start the quest, and it was easy after that.

I even finished the lockets quest at long last.      Here's the sequence for anyone who needs to know  –

First, go to the chapel and kill the priestesses until you get the High Inquisitor to spawn.

Kill the Inquisitor.

Alexa spawns.    Listen to her monologue then head for Elise's tower; this is accessed by the secret passage to the south east of the map.

Enter her tower, select the book and read it, and go up one more level, and you are on a castle wall with six turrets on this level.     Alexa is along the wall provided you selected and read her book.     Once her monologue is finished you find yourself with a hallmark quest to kill the six sisters of Everling.

First is Elise, who was fairly easy at 49, and she is in the exact middle of the catwalk on this castle wall level.

Next up was Jenni, who was not hard but surprised me halfway through the fight by calling for help from Teacher.      Still, not a problem, I dispatched them both.

Sheila popped after I searched a chest of drawers in her room.    She's a zombie – Ich.   Talk about sibling rivalry; I'm betting her sisters killed her for some reason.

Deirdre is a ghost, and was not much of a problem, but the Archfiend that spawned after I killed her was another story.      What I did was simply run as fast as possible up the stairs and ignored him; unfortunately I did target him and he death-touched me, but it wasn't enough to kill me and I got away.      He is rooted so the whole trick is getting away from him.

Crysta and Melanie were a tag team and the hardest to kill.      They simply weren't possible at 49 for me; how sad is that ?      Tried twice and they almost killed me, but then I realized I had only 5% to level, so I went to work on quests.    Completed 5 or so and Ding 50; a new ward which stuns me, and a new rez spell.       So unfortunately no help from spells; but each level you get harder and harder to hit, and hit opponents easier and easier, so I decided to try it again.

Went after Melanie, who is the healer, and in a nail-biting finish I managed to kill her.     The strategy was to hit hard until she ran out of power; after that, I concentrated on warding myself and just stabbing with my spear.      The wards kept me alive and I'm better armored than she was so it worked, just barely, with 34 health left and no power.    I ran and caught enough lucky breaks that I regenned some health & power, re-warded, finished running, and I got away from Crysta.

Now my thought was, this should make it much easier.     Now I can take down Crysta solo, because Melanie is dead.    Right ?    Wrong !   Melanie goes and repops so I have to do it the hard way.     But this time, I concentrated more on efficient mana use and wards, and I took her down with some health to spare, then ran off Melanie.

The rest was much easier.    Killed the decaying corpse in the north-east room on the 2nd floor for a key; north-west room is the basement access.     Read the book in there, killed the captain who came rushing in, and opened the basement via the bookcase.     Walked down, killed alexa, and I was finished with Everling Lockets. 

Progressed the Missing Mask through all steps needed, including a fortunate turn on the Swine Lord – this guy will pop rarely after you kill all the swine in the stables, and lo and behold, clearing them once got us this guy.      Finished off one or two more quests and am left with a handful of things to do – kill Nyth Dolls, which is a piece of cake, visit Everling's chamber, and kill Everling himself.       These clearly needed to be for the next time, and I logged at this point quite satisfied.


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