Posted by: mrrx | June 1, 2006

Approaching 50

Tezcatlipocca : 80% XP.      Continued to knock out quests and gain XP and completions.     After I checked out the server leaderboard, I will make the top 100 as soon as I have completed 800 quests, and I'm at around 730 after this session.

Sinking sands, I'm enjoying.      The climbing ability is pretty cool, and the layout and theme of the zone appeals to me.     Every time I turn around there's another quest I can finish solo which is very appealing; and once I hit 50 it's time to go back after Steelhoof Prophets and other incomplete quests like Nek Castle. 

Completed several of Naimar and Ghassan's quests (Why does Ghassan pay me so much money to walk about 500 feet to Naimar?), as well as the first Blades quest.      After looking at it, I don't think I'll complete the Truth quest anytime soon as I'm not interested in going to the Arena in the dangerous city of Maj Dul.      But I did make my way to the Lizardman area and tried to finish off enough lizardmen to knock off the Coin factions first quest.

Three lizard men, double down and white cons, brought me within an inch of my life.      At least, that's what I thought till I realized another yellow con was beating on my too.     Just barely escaped alive.

Checked my faction with the three competitors in DoF, and I'm at -37500 with Coin and Truth, and -32500 with Blades.       So apparently, I can make Coin and Truth mad once and still work with them, but after that I'm done; at -40,000 I believe you go Kill On Sight.      Or,  I could do both Coin and Blades quests and keep my low faction but continue to do quests, and just make Truth hate me; the positive and negative faction hits cancel out.    Dunno if either makes any sense as I haven't tried to get the 2nd quest yet.

Also gathered two severed ironwoods (yay!) and banked more platinum.     Decided it was too frustrating selling equipment, so removed all of it from my sales vault and vendored it.     Not that I won't buy it if I can find some items which are underpriced; plenty of people do that.     But nothing sits in my vault like equipment, selling slowly or not at all, and the tiny profit you make combined with no stacking ability just makes them bad things to sell.

Also bought a beetle for the low low price of just over one gold, to finish a collection.    My red striped ant is on sale for 65 gold, and the grey one isn't even for sale.       Bah.       The cracked barbarian fragment is priced at around 90 gold; yeah, right.      Well, at least I get to be the beneficiary of these prices when selling, but trying to finish most of these collections will either mean way too much collecting, or blowing all that plat I've banked.


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